The largest pyramid of Ponzi schemes of the 2016 world, 1 million victims, $ 7.6 billion



Delusional, the largest pyramid of the world in the newspaper la tribune, reports the Financial Times, which is based on information from the official new China News (Xinhua) Agency.


This chain of Ponzi scheme that represents a scam of 7.6 billion dollars (about 7 billion euros), was set up by Ezubao, one of the main platforms of loans between individuals (also called Community credits). The latter promised extremely enticing deals with climbing 15% interest rates.

The Chinese Communist Party is more concerned in addition to this type of derivatives. It estimated last month that the "excesses" of loans online – often very few platforms or not regulated, says Financial Times-, are threats to the financial stability of the system. Heuresement in france and Europe, we have controls (certification).

label crowdfunding platform participatory financing
label crowdfunding platform participatory financing

funding participatory france

From Quartz, financial scams have cost $ 24 billion to China last year.

However with the number of Chinese, everything grows is really growing. What is surprising is that 15% is not so high. But if I understand correctly it is had weapons and other stuff not net. Also it is said: investment of 1 yuan, repurchased at any time, high yield at low risk. So actually if you can withdraw at any time, it is not normal. Crowdfunding sites proposed blocking money for a few months. See the performance risk liquidity triangle

triangle financial performance risk liquidity

You have 3. At least not normally

Chinese google translation:

E rent treasure» fundraising case wrongful

January 31, 2016 21:05:42 Source: Xinhua News Agency

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing January 31 — title: "e rent treasure" wrongful case of fundraising "

Xinhua News Agency 'Xinhua Viewpoint' journalist Bai Yang, Chen Ji

Illegally for a year and a half of funds of more than 500 billion yuan, the investors of the victims throughout the country 31 provinces, municipalities… 14 January concern "e rent treasure" platform 21 involved were prosecutors approved the arrest of Beijing. What ' e rent treasure "real controller platform, the Board of Directors of the Executive Council Prudential main Xiding Ning Yu, suspected of financial fraud, illegal deposits from the public, the illegal possession of firearms and other crimes. In addition, a number of suspects have been associated with the case throughout prosecutors approved the arrest.

The network platform swept the country how the truth? Yu Cheng Group Head of secretariat of a congregation under various hidden how much "Halo" shaded? "Point de vue Xinhua" journalist has recently approved by the competent departments of the police investigators, the prime suspect and the victim company conducted in-depth interviews, restored Yu Cheng Group and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "base Cheng-Yu") the use of "e rent treasure"trajectory of the crime of fund-raising illegal. "


The banner of the "financial network" under the banner of fund-raising illegal 500 billion


'E rent treasure' is "Yu Cheng-based" under the Jin Yi Rong (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd. network platform operations. February 2014, Yu Cheng Group acquired the company, and a restructuring of its activities of the network platform. July 2014, Yu Cheng Group will be reconstructed platform named 'e rent treasure', the name of the banner 'financial network' online operations.

The police in charge of the case, at the end of 2015, many public safety services and financial regulators found that 'e rent treasure' of abnormal operation, immediately launched an investigation.


Public security organs found in December 5, 2015, "Yu Cheng-based" disposable continuous tight liquidity, the chain of capital break ready to face danger, at the same time, Yu Cheng Group began the transfer of funds, destruction of evidence, several executives have fled sign. In order to avoid greater losses suffered by investors, on 8 December, 2015, the command of the Ministry of public security organs act against Ding Ning and other "Cheng – Yu" leaders key implementation of the arrest.


Police investigators said the complexity of the case, the extremely difficult investigation case. "Bases Cheng-Yu" Branches throughout the country, involving a number of investors and management financial company is in chaos, a huge amount of business transaction data, the server must only verify the relevant data storage companies have more than 200 units. In order to destroy the evidence, the suspect will be over 1200 documents of evidence in more than 80 bags, buried 6 metres deep in the ground, somewhere on the outskirts of Hefei, Anhui province, the Panel spent two shovels, which lasted more than 20 hours before digging.

Police first identified the top "based Cheng-Yu" is registered abroad Cheng Yu International Holdings Limited, under which there are Beijing, Shanghai, Bengbu eight operation centers, and consists of funding projects, "e rent treasure" online sales "e rent treasure" sales offline and eight other major sectors of activity, which most revolve around the plate operation and settings "" e rent treasure '. "


"Police investigators said that from July 2014» e rent treasure" on the line to December 2015 has been closed, "Yu Cheng-based" suspicious relevant interest high as bait, lease of fiction project, continued use by the new-old, self-insurance, etc. A large number of illegal absorbing public funds, total transactions amounted to more than 700 billion yuan. Police first identified, 'e rent treasure' actually absorbed more than 50 billion yuan in funds, involving an investment of about 900,000 people.


Fake blogs fake warranty false tripartite: three stages of manufacture of camouflage scam


"'E rental Po' is a plan outright Ponzi scheme." In the detention centre, Yu Cheng Group Holding International, former CEO said Zhang, the ' e rent treasure"occupy money trick of investors, managers of business are well aware now, it was very penitent.".

'E rent treasure' foreign debts, its business model is the agreement by the group in the financial leasing and the project company company, then on the platform "e rental treasure" assignment of receivables in the form of issuance of funding, after to raise funds, the project company rent paid to the leasing company, the leasing company pays the income and capital to investors.

Police investigators, under normal circumstances, project finance leasing companies earn spreads and the platform to earn the cost of intermediation, but ' "e rent treasure" from the outset a ' past-tours to the main tour"scams, the so-called fundamental misnomer lease project.»

"We fiction projects, the money transferred to the tenant, the tenant and the committees then transfer funds to subsidiaries of our company, in order to achieve the objective of diversion of the facts." Dinning said they do this before and has spent more than 800 million Yuan to the project and intermediary company buy information.


During the interview, 'based Cheng-Yu' many executives are confirmed to reporters that his firm used to buy companies or shell companies registered in other ways on the "' e rent treasure" draft platform of the fictional facts. ''


"As far as I know, ' e rental in. ' 95% of projects are false," Yu Cheng Anhui Financial Leasing Co., Lei Yong, Director of the risk control unit that directs cotinine hand, with 1.5% of the amount of funding. -2% for buy the Business Department of the information where it is responsible for the information of these companies willing to fulfill the contract, made a false entry in the ' e rent treasure"platform line. '' In order to strengthen the confidence of investors in the investment, they also used to change the way companies registered gold packaging projects.


Police in the police investigators have checked the 207 business tenants, one and Yu Cheng rental of real business.


Some companies involved in the incident have been kept in the dark until the same. Bengbu City, an official of the company, Mr. Wang said that his company had loans of money, the other party to enter the business license, tax registration certificate and other information by the security company Yu Cheng Group at the Bank, but until the end of 2015 after his business bank account is frozen, he learned by the organs of public safety in their business is "e rent treasure" false funding linked to. the Internet. "Their approach is too bad, I hope, the public security organs to punish such behaviour, but also one of our innocence." said Mr. Wang anger.

According to the people's Bank and other ministries issued "opinion on the promotion of the healthy development of the banking by Internet Guide,' platform of network information that intermediary services, you cannot implement a money reserve, don't provide credit guarantees. '' According to the police investigation, "e rent treasure" the absorption of the funds in the form of 'road' payment platform to a third party in the pool of its own funds, the equivalent of the "left pocket" put "the right pocket."


In addition, Yu Cheng Group also ensures the direct control of the three companies and a factoring company, "e rent treasure" project guarantees. Civil and economic of the China University of political science professor Li Aijun said that if the platform is introduced affiliated security agencies, creditors will bring great risk.


"In low-risk high-yield" commitment trap


"Investment 1 yuan, redeemed at any time, at high efficiency low risk." That is the slogan "e rent treasure" widely disseminated. Many investors have said that they are heard "e rent treasure" rate of interest of preservation of capital, the flexible withdrawal commitment that deceived. Reporters learned that 'e rent treasure' had launched a total of six products, the expected annual yield of between 9 and 14.6 per cent, much higher than the general rate of return financial products.


Investors Zhang said, sellers ' e rent treasure "encouraged him to say: «e rent treasure" information on capital preservation products, even if the company has failed to invest money or.»


Investors Mr. Xu calculations of journalists: "I get 10 million dollars by comparison, a year to put in the Bank to earn more than 2,000 dollars on the side 'e rental Po', it is the interest rate that it promises 14.6%, took one year to earn more than 14,000 yuan." "


Investors seats Lady said that it is 'e rent treasure' characteristics of flexible draw attracted. "general financial product can not be paid in advance, but ' e rental Po' 10 days in advance and to be outside."


In this regard, Li Aijun said that the supreme law in 2010 introduces the crime of illegal fundraising in a clear judicial interpretation, we can not return to attract investors with promises. In fact, the financial sector of natural hazards, commitment to interest of the preservation of capital per se contrary to law objective. CRBC more explicit requirements, commercial banks who sell financial products must be carried out when the warning of risk.


However, "e rent treasure" caught some people do not know much knowledge of financial weakness, with false promises weave a 'trap '. To expedite the pace of expansion, Yu Cheng Group has also set up around a large number of subsidiaries and affiliates, directly facing the population "personal marketing." In addition to its push staff recommended products "e rent treasure", even "enthusiastic" to provide open online banking services, the registration and the platform for other services for them. It is in this powerful offensive, "e rent treasure" in a year and a half, it has attracted more than 900,000 real investors, customers throughout the country.


The lessons are huge amounts of money illegally occupied Yu Cheng Group


According to the police investigation, "based Cheng Yu" in addition to a portion of the funds of draw for the service of the debt, but a considerable portion is used for personal extravagance, maintain of enormous costs of running the business, bad debt investment and hype.

According to several suspects confessed, Ding Ning and several closely related group of women executives, privacy very extravagant, spendthrift withdraw funds. Police first identified the value of others Dinning cash donations, real estate, luxury vehicles, products amounted to more than 10 billion yuan. Zhang Min one person, besides his gifts worth 130 million of Singapore villa dinning, worth 12 million pink diamond ring, cars of luxury watches and other gifts, has also "reward" its 550 million Yuan.


"Yu Cheng-based" a big expense, but also high staff salaries. The brother of Ding Ding Ning in Austin, for example, he had a monthly salary of 18,000 yuan, but later transferred to Beijing, the monthly salary will increase to EUR 100 million. According to Zhang Min account, all of the group which holds one million annual salary of executives up to 80 people, only in November 2015, needs Yu Cheng Group distributed to staff salaries have 800 million Yuan.


Many executives of the company said, in order to give the public leave 'deep pockets' printing, Dinning Secretary of dozens General requirements of office worn clothing and jewelry luxury brand "showcase of the company's image", even once took a luxury department store to buy all voids.


"Basic Cheng-Yu", from 2014, a lot to spend a billion dollars advertising a "viral marketing", Zhang Min also wrapped in the "banking Internet first president of beauty" as a spokesman for the company in various public activities.


The rise of the enterprise in expenditures, the return of the increasing pressure on. Yong Lei said, "e rent treasure" on the line as long a day without a new project, Dinning will immediately recalls.

In fact, "herbal Cheng Yu," the leaders of the actual position of the company are well aware. "'E rental in.' the hole will snowball and then focus on the epidemic at a given time, money returned to customer accounts, customers cannot be returned." Said Zhang, it had in September 2015 let estimates of the month data centre, the results show, 'e rent treasure' of the redemption amount will reach 900 million in January 2016, after which the amount of refund of the monthly increase.


This prediction, with the public security organs had very consistent results of the analysis.

Dinning frankly, lease of Yu Cheng Yu Cheng group only, Yu Cheng Yu-metal and new materials, the three companies may have real earnings from operations, but the three companies a total income of less than 800 million, the income was less than one hundred million. normal income "basis of Cheng-Yu", in addition to occupation crazy "e rent treasure" absorption of funds is not enough to cover its huge expenditure.


'E rent treasure' suspected of crime of illegal fundraising


According to the "e rent treasure" cases have been identified in a variety of crimes, justice believe that the suspect was arrested for these acts of illegal deposits of public and financial fraud. ''


Central University of finance and Law School Professor Guo Hua introduction, the crime of illegal deposits from the public have four elements: the first is without the relevant approval or under the guise of legitimate commercial form of sequestration, the second is the media, SMS, etc. will be recommended in the form of the public sequestration, and the third is by other means of private equity and other commitments to the service or the back debt, the fourth to the public who is not a person specific sequestration. In this case, use suspect an open national sequestration network platform, but also the external debt service commitments, their behavior was arrested for the crime of illegal deposits from the public.


"" Already constituted for deposits illegal crime from the public, if there are investment or consumption unnecessary expenses for goods can not repay the circumstances, they are financial fraud. ' " In his opinion, ' e rent treasure"suspected cases of investment luxury vehicles and houses, pay wages to employees prodigality, reflects their illegal possession in subjective use investors Fund, which is one of the important causes of the absorption of funds cannot be refunded, is also suspected of major financial fraud one of the reasons. '.


Li Aijun pointed out, is a kind of high financial risk characterized by industry, so people need to know before investing more financial knowledge, to know of any investment behaviors are at your own risk, if financial investors to participate in the activities of the alleged criminal, it will take more risks.


Latest developments: the medico – legal authorities are strengthening rolled stolen property loss


Police investigators, as complex financial transactions "base-Cheng Yu", the financial management is in chaos, its capital flows is still under investigation. At the present time, the public security organ is full cooperation with the Banking Commission of China regulations, the people's Bank and other government departments to speed up the progress of work, go all investigation and collection of evidence, stolen property, assets, and other work involved in screening, maximize the restoration of losses of investors. In order to facilitate investors report, all information about the disposition of the case, the public security organs have been erected in the investor registration platform information, and soon mounting enabled on the official website of the Ministry of public security.


Officials said that investors should report timely and proactive, registration information, provide evidence to avoid by not sincerely not at the time wanted to post the inscription at the expense of their legitimate interests, at the same time, please investors according to activists, do not believe the rumors, pass no rumors, do not confuse do not organize, participate in various illegal activities. Persons suspected of a crime, should cooperate actively with the investigation, repay the illegal income of clemency.

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What you may actually

In addition to losing your money, there are much larger risks.

The attempt to gain money from abnormal and easy way, in particular leaving manipulate (social engineering), eventually lead to getting you ripped off (419 fraud…), does not make you a victim but an accomplice.

No person shall avail itself of his own depravity.

In a very good video documentary of the 05.02.2013 – facing the Internet mafia, there is, among other things, an interview of a woman sentenced for aiding and abetting active money laundering after being trapped in an engineering social operation.

But in addition, the pyramid (process says the "snowball" or the "silver chain") is prohibited in France since 1953 (Article L 122-6 of the Code of consumption 1 ° and 2 ° paragraphs). This text was supplemented by an act of 1 February 1995 (3 ° and 4 ° paragraphs) which specifies the prohibitions on sales channels. Since that date, a company which fails to comply with this regulation and allegedly illegal practices would be condemned.

Under French law, «it is forbidden to propose a person to collect memberships or to register on a list requiring her the payment of any consideration and in him doing hope financial gains resulting from a geometric progression in the number of persons registered or recruited» (art. L. 122-6 and art. L. 122-7 of the code of consumption) and "this prohibition is subject to penalties of fine or imprisonment. »

The correctional tribunal of Albertville for example sentenced to penalties of four to ten months in prison suspended 33 Savoyards who participated in a money game akin to a Ponzi pyramid, was learned from the Prosecutor's office.

These sentences for fraud, was accompanied by fines between 4,500 and € 20,000. Four other defendants were fined with simple fines.

Penalties for the offence of fraud

First of all, it should be recalled that the prescription of the scam is acquired after a period of three years from the day of the return of the coveted thing.

The maximum penalties for fraud are:

-For natural persons: 5 years ' imprisonment, €375,000 fine and ban or confiscation of certain rights.

-For legal persons: €1.875.000 fine as well as the penalties provided for in article 131-39 of the criminal code.

The attempt is punishable by the same penalties.

The penalties are raised to seven years in prison and €750,000 fine when the scam is carried out:

-By a person vested with public authority or a public service mission, in the exercise or on the occasion of the exercise of its functions or its mission (article 313-2 – 1 ° of the criminal code);

-By a person who unduly takes the quality of a person vested with public authority or responsible for a public service mission (article 313-2 – 2 ° of the criminal code);

-By a person who appealed to the public to the issue of securities or for fundraising purposes for humanitarian or social assistance (section 313-2 – 3 ° of the criminal code);

-To the detriment of a person whose particular vulnerability, due to his age, illness, infirmity, physical or mental disability or a State of pregnancy, is apparent or known perpetrator (article 313-2 – 3 ° of the criminal code).

The penalties are raised to ten years in prison and €1,000,000 fine where fraud is committed in organized band.

This want to say that if sponsor you what-qu´un you are liable of Delia d´escroquerie is organized band, if this bleaching is.

Custody can be extended "as an exceptional measure" up to 96 hours, a search outside of legal hours (after 9 pm and before 6 a.m.), wiretaps or video recordings made without the knowledge of the persons concerned.–l-UN-des-delits-Les-plus-severement-punis.htm

Money laundering


Money laundering is to conceal funds from illegal sources (drug trafficking, theft, fraud (including pyramid selling), selling weapons, robbery, tax evasion,…) by reinvesting them in legal activity (real estate, restoration, etc.). IT

The objective of the author of money laundering is to facilitate the false justification of the origin of these sums to the authorities. In practice, money-laundering "dirty money" may appear in the form of different mechanisms, as for example the establishment of false invoices between several companies.


In France, money laundering is punishable under article 324-1 of the penal Code which provides for a sentence of 5 years in prison and a fine of € 375 000. This sanction may be increased in some cases. For example, the penalty is increased to 10 years imprisonment and 750000 euro fine in two cases: when money laundering is committed habitually or by using the facilities provided by the exercise of a professional activity and when it is committed in organized gang. For a complete point on penalties, see articles of the penal Code concerning simple laundering and aggravated laundering.

Of more specifically to the pyramids:

French law, by article L122-6 of the Code of consumption, banned pyramid schemes because it prohibited: the violation of this prohibition is, at the end of article L122-7 of the same code, punishable criminally liable to a maximum fine of 4,500 euros and/or imprisonment for one year. The offender may be, in addition, sentenced to reimburse those clients that will not be met, the sums paid by them.

The most famous simple pyramid schemes, include chains of gifts (we invite you to make a donation and to rotate the chain), or even systems of Cavalry (financial montage in which the capital of the new entrants is used to pay interest to earlier investors).

Famous cases

Ponzi: died in misery

Madoff: sentenced to 150 years in prison

Get easy, 300 000 vistimes sponsors continued see also and

Other pyramids: prison for participating

The largest history 21/02/2016 nearly 1 million Chinese were victims of a financial scam on a platform of loans between individuals for 7.6 billion.

and for those who have forgotten to declare earnings

: Tax evasion is to escape or attempt to escape the tax by any means. The author of tax evasion can be apply tax and criminal penalties. The fact of hiding income or taxable property exposes you to tax penalties. Answer the subsequent questions and answers will be displayed automatically you are the author of a tax fraud if you deliberately use some methods to escape or attempt to escape, partly or completely, to the tax. As such, are considered as fraudulent behaviour:

  • a deliberate Declaration, failure
  • a voluntary concealing of property or income subject to tax,
  • the Organization of insolvency,
  • more generally, any manoeuvre aimed at obstructing the recovery of tax.

If the IRS detects fraudulent behavior, it can initiate criminal proceedings after the opinion of the commission of tax offences. Regardless of the tax penalties, the author of tax evasion is liable:

  • €500,000 fine
  • and 5 years ' imprisonment.

These sentences are increased to €2 000 000 fine and 7 years ' imprisonment when the acts were committed in organized band or grace to:

  • the opening of accounts or the purchase of contracts with organizations established abroad.
  • the interposition of persons or bodies established abroad, screen
  • the use of a false identity from false documents (or any other false),
  • a direct debit or a fictitious or artificial act abroad.

An intermediary not authorised is subject to criminal penalties.

If the company does not have the permissions to sell financial products.

Other risks

You are also sure to lose your job (yeah your boss does not keep a known crook) and as there is a folder in the criminal records, many professions are prohibited.

With a hole of 10 year on the CV, it will be difficult to find a job.

Do not forget that it is the loser of the trial that pays lawyers of the winner (see

  • If you want that your opponent will reimburse these costs, must be that your lawyer requested at the trial. Indeed, instead costs, for which the judge pronounces, it shall consider the question of justice fees if counsel requested expressly in respect of article 700 of the Code of civil procedure.
  • If you are prosecuted before the criminal judge, you may be ordered to pay the victim costs counsel or bailiff that she incurred to defend (art. 475-1 of the Code of criminal procedure).

Reminder of caution l´AMF published March 12, 2014

AMF cautions public against investment offers promising exceptional yields relying, visible or otherwise, on the establishment of a system of recruitment, membership or sponsorship. Very attractive appearance, these offers are dangling high gains that are unrealistic. They usually hide's actual scams for laundering money and in most cases, in some cases, loss of the placement of departure for the saver.

This type of installation can take various forms: trading on the Forex market (via an unauthorized FOREX platform), or mail order of goods or services. The goal for these companies is to continuously recruit new members added to existing members. The latter recruited bring new funds entering, which are partly donated to the former members to gain and maintain their confidence: this is what is called a pyramid. Media and internet in particular, neighbourhood, "word of mouth": recruitment may be done in various ways.

The device lasts as long as new recruitments are possible. When it collapses, sometimes quite rapidly, members typically lose the entirety of their bet in favour, often the single initiator and his accomplices.

The AMF calls savers to the utmost vigilance and invites them to:

  • Do not respond to this type of offers and do not relay them to third parties;
  • In the case of fraud, victims must file a complaint and provide all possible information to the competent judicial authorities (references for money transfers, identified contacts, addresses, emails or emails, etc.).

In General, the AMF advises investors to follow the following rules before any investment:

  • No commercial speech should make us forget that there is no investment offering high returns with no risk;
  • Learn about the legality of the financial intermediary that offers the product by consulting the list of the establishments authorized to operate in France ( > high-speed access > savings products approved (GECO)). To ensure that the intermediary who offers products or financial services is allowed to operate in France, you can consult the list of service providers for eligible investment ( or the list of permitted in category Advisor investment financial (CIF) or equity investments (PAC) ( Advisor.

An intermediary not authorised is subject to criminal penalties.

To answer the questions and queries of savers, the AMF provides its site internet or the savings Info service 01 53 45 62 00 from Monday to Friday from 9 h to 17 h.

Institute for the financial education of the public (IEFP) provides investors with a presentation of systems of pyramid selling on its Web site:

To denounce (sponsors, proof of payment, site touting live Ponzis):

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