Recyclix, closest to the laundering of recycling



What is Recyclix?

Recyclix is a Polish company whose headquarters is located in Warsaw and factories are in Latvia and Poland. On average, each company has 20 employees. This company is specialized in the development of recyclable products. Its treatment capacity can reach 750 tons of waste film per month and its location is extended.

Recyclix specializes in the recycling of plastic waste. Its role is to grind up the plastic, to clean it and then turn it into plastic pellets that she sold.

Recyclix buy recyclable raw materials such as LDPE plastic (low-densitypolyethylene) which is currently the 4th most recycled material in the world. LDPE is then transformed into granules and valued in industrial applications (including plastics).

Its concept is simple: Recyclix buys waste, then she turns them on lines with expensive industrial equipment. At the end of the treatment of 5 weeks, it shows pellets. This has become again material raw material can be sold to make new plastic products. The operation of Recyclix is based on the realization of treatment cycles, in 5 weeks, the duration of a cycle allows to earn 14% on purchases of waste.

It already exists in the world of companies that are engaged in this activity, but it uses more usual techniques, a collaborative development project.

It is this innovation that Recyclix claims to obtain additional income, by investing in the company.

Recyclix is based on the principle of Crowdfunding, Recyclix aims to call public investment to buy materials in large quantities in order to reduce costs.

According to Recyclix, the compensation plan offered to investors is:

  • Yield per cycle: 14%.
  • The selling rate begins at 25% to cover up to 50% by purchasing units. Beware, the sale becomes interesting once you have a 36% rate of sales. Before that, must focus on the standard cycles you related 14%.
  • Deposit by bank transfer, credit card, bitcoin.
  • Withdrawal by bank transfer, bitcoin and paypal.
  • 20 euros offered registration to test without risk.
  • Commissions of sponsorship on 4 levels: 10% 3% 2% 1%.

Recyclix gives a bonus of 20 euros as a sign up gift to demonstrate how things work. It is only to see how the system works, with that amount you will be able to do 2 cycles and it is not possible to get the money out. Please invest your turn. It says nowhere to invest a minimum otherwise after 60 days the bonus you have removed, but good.


Recyclix has recently updated the conditions indeed if the person does not own funds deposit after 60 days of registration, his account will be deemed inactive and therefore will not be accessible.


No deposit of own funds, it is impossible to make a withdrawal by bank transfer either by Paypal or Bitcoin.


How we make money with Recyclix?

According to Recyclix, the concept of investment seems very simple: the company offers you to become a partner by investing in its business.

The company buys for you waste, she turns them and sells them for you.

She keeps some of the money for the transformation, the payment of expenses, equipment and the margin and you reverse a part on the sale.

So really participate you in any activity without doing anything if not invest and recover funds.

Thanks to you, they can buy and sell products in bulk for best results.

You have the possibility to become partner, offering your knowledge to directly buy waste plastics, you can also invest in industrial equipment, recruit others like you to invest in the project.

The kilogram of raw material has the bought is €0.2 bonus. The right welcome gives bonus to 100 Kg of waste which will be processed during the first phase of recycling and will cost € 0.4 per kilogram.

After the first phase of recycling that lasts 3 weeks, you receive 6% on the amount of recycled material. What corresponds to € 1.2 NET as follows: 100 x (€0.4 – €0.2) x 6% = €1.2.

At the end of this first phase, which lasts 3 weeks, you have two choices:

  • Either you continue recycling has the second phase. If this is the case, you will receive the sum of € 1.2 on your withdrawal account.
  • Either you stop and sell directly the products of this stage of recycling. If this is your choice at this stage of the cycle, you will receive 25% of the value of the products at this stage, that is, €10 (100 x € 0.4 x 25%) transferable to your withdrawal account.

You will receive 8% extra on the price difference of the material at the end of the second stage of recycling that lasts 2 weeks.

In total, you get 14% on the amount of material recycled at the end of the recycling cycle which lasts 5 weeks.

The number of recycling cycles is unlimited. You will then receive commissions as a result of their investment on 4 levels.

  • Level 1 Commission (live godchildren) = 10% commission
  • Level 2 Commission (the referrals of your referrals) = 3% commission
  • Level 3 = 2% commission
  • Level 4 = 1% commission

You can also become commercial and sell directly the pellets.

Collaboration can still go further with the creation of an industrial site in the form of franchise which you become the boss.

In summary, Recyclix:

  • Buys waste plastics.
  • Sorts and grinds.
  • Turns the waste into Pellet.

Why Recyclix is a scam?

The "crowd-funding or crowdfunding can develop useful. But we must prevent that appears the "crowdphishing" or scam of mass, to which it may give rise.

After testing this thing, it is clear that it is a ponzi.

There are many misunderstandings today. There are many who claim to do network marketing when they operate only a simple pyramid scam more. Many are those who spit on network marketing thinking that it comes down simply to the pyramid scams. It is high time to take stock.

Totally impossible and miraculous gains.

1000 gives over 1000 benefits over one year according to the calculator, unrealistic
1000 gives over 1000 benefits over one year according to the calculator, unrealistic

If I put 10,000 euro in 10 years 10000 * 10 2puissance it's been €10 240 000 and in 20 years 10 485 760 000. QED


Recyclix is a big scam, its working principle and its miraculous gains are just an illusion. Search for, collect and recycle waste plastics has never been as profitable for such are silver. If that were true the homeless and the unemployed will have fortunes and so much money to be made.

To expect a cost-effective waste recovery, sufficient quantities.

No crowdfunding companies offer such returns.

See market analysis:

"According to our financial analysis conducted from a sample of representative of the sector, the operating margin rate companies companies of our panel (ENE/CA) will have lost 1.6 point since 2004 to 5.1% in 2011", note the firm

According to their analysis, Xerfi expects a "slight improvement" financial by 2015

Far far away from the 14% in 5 weeks of recyclix.

The site of Recyclix defining itself as a Ponzi scheme. On this site, in their payment policy, it says that the funds of the members can be merged to be used for payments to others, which meets the definition of a Ponzi scheme model.

A PONZI scheme is a fraudulent financial package, which is to pay customers essentially investments by the funds provided by new entrants. The system is simple, PONZI scheme proposed to his investors huge returns of 50% in 45 days. As it is impossible to actually produce these yields, PONZI used funds from new investors to serve interest promised to former investors.

In addition this activity also presents itself as "Crowdfunding". You should know that the legislation frames since 2014 this type of activity, indeed depending on the nature of the proposed financing, crowdfunding platforms should or should not justify status regulated for the exercise of their activity.

On the Recyclix site, we see appear in the chapter of payment the following sentences:

  • Your will be considered for your accounts for payment, as unsecured creditor.
  • The amount of funds on your account is a deposit insured, nor secure.

Ponzi scheme generates income for older investors thanks to the new capital inflows. This scam actually yields promised to older investors, and also produces a long time that there are new investors. These maneuvers often collapse themselves when there is more new contributions.


recyclix scam ponzi scam ponzi pyramid Cavalry


If Recyclix scam is not discovered today, she appears in the open at the time where she collapses, i.e. when them are procured by the new entrants are not enough to cover payments of customers.

Even if it is a business behind, even if there are factories, even if he y many things nothing that this part is the air level credibility.

On the assumption that recyclix is legal it is closer to the casino that other thing


Taking the problem backwards, assuming that recyclix is not a scam, what is the real risk of investing?

This is the picture of the risks (percentage of default risk in Estonia at bondora (personal loans) we approximated by saying it's the same in Poland)
With more than 25% of bankruptcy risk annual we're at an annual rate of 44% interest, Recyclix is more than 100% annual rate according to the highest Simulator, the risk of loss is so probably 1-2 per year see more…
To give an illustration simplified with 50% loss take a piece, launched, if it's tails to double up, tails we lose everything and the game stops. We have 2-to-1 shot. After two draw we got 1/2 * 1 / 2 = 1/4 chance of winning after three 1/8, 1/16 we understand that the games will quickly stop.

My advice in this case go to the casino, there's nothing to wait a year to get the money because the casino is close to the rate of loss of recyclix.

Very arbitrary account closure.

The €20 are removed if you don't put real money in the system and the account is permanently blocked, aberrant thing in a honest company.

More accounts can be closed for use of the same ip which is abnormal. In crowdfunding (real not this scam) we simply request a different identity, the ip did, she, nothing to do here.

recyclix scam ponzi scam ponzi Cavalry

Completely unknown to Polish crowdfunding platforms

I'm looking… nothing especially the company exists since 2009, in this case it's supposed to be a former crowdfunding platform and in this case there must be information on the canvas of serious, but not actors.

No newspapers which cite recyclix

As always I have not seen a single newspaper citing recyclix as an example…

as with recyclix than view recyclix or newspaper recyclix…

Nothing on the recycling market

Nothing on the market, plus the players in the sector averaged etc

Bankruptcy recyclix guaranteed nothing

While in crowdfunding your obligations remain valid even in the event of bankruptcy of the platform. either this is normal because you invest in recyclix but what is more unusual is that Recyclix has no third-party institution that same guarantee deposit.

Sites that boast of recyclix are proven scam sites.

recyclix scam ponzi scam ponzi sites Cavalry yes I always look on his site, so I am sure that if an opportunity is on its site, it is so in dubious plans and scams that you can be certain that it is illegal and wrong. Finally his site has good.

recyclix scam bertrand kervella 2recyclix scam bertrand kervella still a lousy scams, except that he left his site on the site, ps: thanks mike52 for pointing


It's also wet on beonpush

recyclix beonpush developpersonreseaumlm 2 scam scam

recyclix scam scam 2 developpersonreseaumlm recyclix scam developpersonreseaumlm

win – together .net

and other sites not at all serious…

Even the opinions on the site speak of ponzi

Certainly not a reference, but a more cautionary

recyclix scam ponzi scam ponzi comments Cavalry

Professional event?

I've seen either. especially in while adhering.

Photo site and registration

Well, the company exists, but as bonofa, this has not prevented society to be a Ponzi scheme.

A little serious sites all say that it is a scam

Serious sites all say it's a scam.

The existence of a product is not enough

Most people think that the existence of a product just to make a company legal. That's wrong! Many are those who have deposited money on this company's website and who are really struggling to prove the actual existence of Recyclix.malgre their presence in salons that could really be a sign of confidence, the quality of the Web site that cannot be denied, (the domain name is registered for 5 years) to clean air , but there are few photos on the company and I don't find that normal. These photos are from 2012. This company really seems to be a virtual company of scam. We never see clearly the site of production even on the video presented on the site of Recyclix.Ce site is likely to be a Ponzi scheme, it is advisable to run away from it!



Inconsistency in the way to show partners

As well suggests the site, when you get a company, the first thing to do is to give him the credit by posting publicly partners and customers that you start to sign (in my case… crowdfunding platforms).

A big box that leads up a site showcases his contract who are suppliers and or clients.

It is especially important for a company that starts to post on its website the list of its partners and its biggest customers. Recyclix publishes both.

Inconsistencies in the funding system itself!

Still in the same site, but the point is important and relevant.

When you want to finance a company, you have several options…
Or, you call to private investors.
Either you use professional investors.
Either you are a credit to the Bank.

On average, a bank will take you between 5 and 9% interest rate. Can be more.

A professional investor takes you your company shares, either request on average 10 to 15% interest, it can be also a mixed both with option of exit of the capital once a set amount has been repaid by the company to the investor.

The only reason that would cause a company to choose a system of participatory financing from individuals and at a rate of 150% of the capital invested + % on its affiliates is that this company has failed to convince a bank or a private investor or pro… Therefore, that society does not profit on its activity. Otherwise why choosing 150% refund rather than 5-15%. This makes no sense economically!

No audited accounts

Accounts which are audited must prove that the economic model is not a Ponzi scheme, not an absolute guarantee, but allows to disassemble the most basic Ponzi. As by chance recyclix did not show his accounts… current in scams

They did not deliver financial report for 2014/2015 to National Registry Court (KRS). And this is required for each company registered in KRS.

PS: my colleague is an accountant and sworn translator Polish, I'll ask him.

Need to justify not being a scam

Why need to justify if you're not one?


Bad translation in Polish, language of the company

When I surfed the site a person wrote this: Polish version of their website is not written in clear polish language. Sure not written by Pole. They forgot to hire someone to do proofreading.

literally: the site is not written in good Polish, they forgot to hire a proofreader.

PS: my colleague is an accountant and sworn translator Polish, I'm him


The tax return


Tax regulations are different in each country, and that is the choice and the responsibility of the user to declare his income to the competent authorities of his own country.
idem in English, he is so not a fault of translation: Tax regulations are different for each country and it is the user's choice and responsibility to declare his earnings to the tax authorities in his own country.

MDR, a choice

example on bondora: The profits earned through Bondora are in general taxed based on the gross interest received and the residency of the investor. Please declare interest income to your local authority in accordance with the law.

In france is mandatory:

among other


in the case of a non-commercial site or a blog of a particular legal notice must indicate the name, first name, address and telephone number of the creator of the site and the host.

egistrar: OVH
type: Isp Option 1
address: 2 Street Kellermann
address: ROUBAIX
country: FR
phone: + 33 8 99 70 17 61
fax – no: + 33 3 20 20 09 58
anonymous: No.
registered: 21/10/1999
Source: FRNICnic-hdl: ANO00-FRNIC
type: PERSON
contact: Ano Nymous
remarks: – WARNING -.
remarks: While the registrar knows him/her.
remarks: this person thing to restrict access
remarks: to his/her personal data. So PLEASE,
remarks: don't send emails to Ano Nymous. This
remarks: address is bogus and there is hope no.
remarks: of a reply.
remarks: – WARNING -.
Registrar: OVH
changed: 10/01/2016 @emailanonymous
anonymous: YES
obsoleted: No.
eligstatus: ok
eligdate: 10/01/2016-09:09:37
Source: FRNIC
We can also go through OVH.

The site recyclix France, the faults it stings the eyes here

A very bad french, here is there really a lot of mistakes. Missing uppercase, non-existent conjugation, incorrect phrasing, and in place of the…

To conclude this newsletter, we would like to let you know that July 21 accounts that received no deposit up to now, have been closed permanently. the most recent accounts have 60 days within the date of registration to be active through a personal deposit. This condition – that we announced in our newsletter may and via Facebook earlier and reflected on our terms was made in order to integrate the workflow of the Web of Recyclix site and unload our database.

For my part, I lost that only 50 referrals (all levels) because I had informed and advised all my referrals to invest at least € 20 in order to avoid closing their account. But another 'Godfather' for it's hundreds of godchildren lost.



Other points of details:

It's apparently crippled the partnership by Mcdonald is not confirmed by mcdonald and even worse.




System running, no one gives + 100% return in one year, #ponzi #arnaque # recyclix #escroquerie…  I like the name anyway, recyclix Recycle your money and put it in my pocket, that's what is more likely.


 What are you really at risk?

In addition to losing your money? A lot.

Look at the difference with good sites in my investments such as topic:, bolden, Lendix, pretup

MLM scam 2
In addition to losing your money, there are much larger risks.

You can be accused of swindling

The attempt to win money from abnormal and easy way, in particular allowing themselves to manipulate (social engineering), eventually lead to getting you ripped off (419 fraud…), doesn't make you a victim but an accomplice. No one can rely on its own turpitude.

In a very good video documentary of the 05.02.2013 – facing the Internet mafia, there is, among other things, an interview of a woman sentenced for aiding and abetting active money laundering after being trapped in an engineering social operation.

But in addition, the pyramid (process says the "snowball" or the "silver chain") is prohibited in France since 1953 (Article L 122-6 of the Code of consumption 1 ° and 2 ° paragraphs). This text was supplemented by an act of 1 February 1995 (3 ° and 4 ° paragraphs) which specifies the prohibitions on sales channels. Since that date, a company which fails to comply with this regulation and allegedly illegal practices would be condemned.

Under French law, «it is forbidden to propose a person to collect memberships or to register on a list requiring her the payment of any consideration and in him doing hope financial gains resulting from a geometric progression in the number of persons registered or recruited» (art. L. 122-6 and art. L. 122-7 of the code of consumption) and "this prohibition is subject to penalties of fine or imprisonment. »

The correctional tribunal of Albertville for example sentenced to penalties of four to ten months in prison suspended 33 Savoyards who participated in a money game akin to a Ponzi pyramid, was learned from the Prosecutor's office.

These sentences for fraud, was accompanied by fines between 4,500 and € 20,000. Four other defendants were fined with simple fines.

Penalties for the offence of fraud

First of all, it should be recalled that the prescription of the scam is acquired after a period of three years from the day of the return of the coveted thing.

The maximum penalties for fraud are:

-For natural persons: 5 years ' imprisonment, €375,000 fine and ban or confiscation of certain rights.

-For legal persons: €1.875.000 fine as well as the penalties provided for in article 131-39 of the criminal code.

The attempt is punishable by the same penalties.

The penalties are raised to seven years in prison and €750,000 fine when the scam is carried out:

-By a person vested with public authority or a public service mission, in the exercise or on the occasion of the exercise of its functions or its mission (article 313-2 – 1 ° of the criminal code);

-By a person who unduly takes the quality of a person vested with public authority or responsible for a public service mission (article 313-2 – 2 ° of the criminal code);

-By a person who appealed to the public to the issue of securities or for fundraising purposes for humanitarian or social assistance (section 313-2 – 3 ° of the criminal code);

-To the detriment of a person whose particular vulnerability, due to his age, illness, infirmity, physical or mental disability or a State of pregnancy, is apparent or known perpetrator (article 313-2 – 3 ° of the criminal code).

The penalties are raised to ten years in prison and €1,000,000 fine where fraud is committed in organized band.

This want to say that if sponsor you what-qu´un you are liable of Delia d´escroquerie is organized band, if this bleaching is.

Custody can be extended "as an exceptional measure" up to 96 hours, a search outside of legal hours (after 9 pm and before 6 a.m.), wiretaps or video recordings made without the knowledge of the persons concerned.


You can be accused of money laundering



Money laundering is to conceal funds from illegal sources (drug trafficking, theft, fraud (including pyramid selling), selling weapons, robbery, tax evasion,…) by reinvesting them in legal activity (real estate, restoration, etc.). IT

The objective of the author of money laundering is to facilitate the false justification of the origin of these sums to the authorities. In practice, money-laundering "dirty money" may appear in the form of different mechanisms, as for example the establishment of false invoices between several companies.


In France, money laundering is punishable under article 324-1 of the penal Code which provides for a sentence of 5 years in prison and a fine of € 375 000. This sanction may be increased in some cases. For example, the penalty is increased to 10 years imprisonment and 750000 euro fine in two cases: when money laundering is committed habitually or by using the facilities provided by the exercise of a professional activity and when it is committed in organized gang. For a complete point on penalties, see articles of the penal Code concerning simple laundering and aggravated laundering.

More you you are engaged in illegal activity, the pyramids of ponzis:

French law, by article L122-6 of the Code of consumption, banned pyramid schemes because it prohibited: the violation of this prohibition is, at the end of article L122-7 of the same code, punishable criminally liable to a maximum fine of 4,500 euros and/or imprisonment for one year. The offender may be, in addition, sentenced to reimburse those clients that will not be met, the sums paid by them.

The most famous simple pyramid schemes, include chains of gifts (we invite you to make a donation and to rotate the chain), or even systems of Cavalry (financial montage in which the capital of the new entrants is used to pay interest to earlier investors).

Famous cases

Ponzi: died in misery

Madoff: sentenced to 150 years in prison

Get easy, 300 000 vistimes sponsors continued see also and

Other pyramids: prison for participating

The largest history 21/02/2016 nearly 1 million Chinese were victims of a financial scam on a platform of loans between individuals for 7.6 billion.

and for those who have forgotten to declare winnings, you can be charged with tax fraud

: Tax evasion is to escape or attempt to escape the tax by any means. The author of tax evasion can be apply tax and criminal penalties. The fact of hiding income or taxable property exposes you to tax penalties. Answer the subsequent questions and answers will be displayed automatically you are the author of a tax fraud if you deliberately use some methods to escape or attempt to escape, partly or completely, to the tax. As such, are considered as fraudulent behaviour:

  • a deliberate Declaration, failure
  • a voluntary concealing of property or income subject to tax,
  • the Organization of insolvency,
  • more generally, any manoeuvre aimed at obstructing the recovery of tax.

If the IRS detects fraudulent behavior, it can initiate criminal proceedings after the opinion of the commission of tax offences. Regardless of the tax penalties, the author of tax evasion is liable:

  • €500,000 fine
  • and 5 years ' imprisonment.

These sentences are increased to €2 000 000 fine and 7 years ' imprisonment when the acts were committed in organized band or grace to:

  • the opening of accounts or the purchase of contracts with organizations established abroad.
  • the interposition of persons or bodies established abroad, screen
  • the use of a false identity from false documents (or any other false),
  • a direct debit or a fictitious or artificial act abroad.

Note: I think declare gains in taxes does not make legal money so far.

If we declare our gains to the tax collectors we are alone or not?

Difficult question, only rate tax I think, not to score illegal gains… it's a bit like in this story basically the person has been removing all of what he has earned, because it's illegal + taxes (with penalties), because it is not declared.

"The imposition does not recognition of the activity, but simply the existence of income, without to legitimize it. If the State for example introduced a specific tax, or even the VAT on the sale of such illicit products, ambiguity consigns to hypocrisy, but this isn't the case.  "I have no idea if it is still valid, but I guess…

Otherwise there has also been a case which was considered as for money laundering, because he tried to recycle an illegal gain… In short a real headache

Reminder: an intermediary not authorized is exposed to criminal penalties.

If the company does not have the permissions to sell financial products. Even if she says that these are not financial products, is not to define if it is or not.

Other risks you can suffer by taking part in a scam

You are also sure to lose your job (yeah your boss does not keep a known crook) and as there is a folder in the criminal records, many professions are prohibited.

More with a hole of 10 year on the CV (prison), it will be difficult to find a job.

Do not forget that it is the loser of the trial that pays lawyers of the winner (see

  • If you want that your opponent will reimburse these costs, must be that your lawyer requested at the trial. Indeed, instead of spending, for which the judge is always, pronounced it consider the fees of justice if the lawyer requested expressly in respect of article 700 of the Code of civil procedure.
  • If you are prosecuted before the criminal judge, you may be ordered to pay the victim costs counsel or bailiff that she incurred to defend (art. 475-1 of the Code of criminal procedure).

Reminder of caution l´AMF published March 12, 2014

AMF cautions public against investment offers promising exceptional yields relying, visible or otherwise, on the establishment of a system of recruitment, membership or sponsorship. Very attractive appearance, these offers are dangling high gains that are unrealistic. They usually hide's actual scams for laundering money and in most cases, in some cases, loss of the placement of departure for the saver.

This type of installation can take various forms: trading on the Forex market (via an unauthorized FOREX platform), or mail order of goods or services. The goal for these companies is to continuously recruit new members added to existing members. The latter recruited bring new funds entering, which are partly donated to the former members to gain and maintain their confidence: this is what is called a pyramid. Media and internet in particular, neighbourhood, "word of mouth": recruitment may be done in various ways.

The device lasts as long as new recruitments are possible. When it collapses, sometimes quite rapidly, members typically lose the entirety of their bet in favour, often the single initiator and his accomplices.

The AMF calls savers to the utmost vigilance and invites them to:

  • Do not respond to this type of offers and do not relay them to third parties;
  • In the case of fraud, victims must file a complaint and provide all possible information to the competent judicial authorities (references for money transfers, identified contacts, addresses, emails or emails, etc.).

In General, the AMF advises investors to follow the following rules before any investment:

  • No commercial speech should make us forget that there is no investment offering high returns with no risk;
  • Learn about the legality of the financial intermediary that offers the product by consulting the list of the establishments authorized to operate in France ( > high-speed access > savings products approved (GECO)). To ensure that the intermediary who offers products or financial services is allowed to operate in France, you can consult the list of service providers for eligible investment ( or the list of permitted in category Advisor investment financial (CIF) or equity investments (PAC) ( Advisor.

An intermediary not authorised is subject to criminal penalties.

To answer the questions and queries of savers, the AMF provides its site internet or the savings Info service 01 53 45 62 00 from Monday to Friday from 9 h to 17 h.

Institute for the financial education of the public (IEFP) provides investors with a presentation of systems of pyramid selling on its Web site:

To denounce (sponsors, proof of payment, site touting live Ponzis):


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