How to invest and in what to invest with €5000?


You have five thousand euros € 5000 and ask yourself in what invest?


I'm studying all possible responses with you. € 5000 it is both much and little and after a conversation on that I was asked the question.

These are a few leads. I consider that you don't have a particular situation so I do not analyze your situation (normally required).

Review of the principles in investment

The principle in finance:

The risk availability performance triangle. Can't get the 3. So we have to choose, but before please make sure to have the equivalent of 3 months of expenses (food + water + rent + gas etc) on an account available style booklet has to avoid needing money immediately


Then if you have €5000 to place.

NB: Be honest, no one is 100% objective (me included), we all have our knowledge, our experiences a banker will be for the Bank, insurer for insurance, real estate seller for real estate, a specialist in crowdfunding for its platforms.

Invest in what you understand and ideally diversify (or not). Diversification reduces the risk but also limits your ability to have a great gain.

Available investment



Accessible from a few hundred euros, but likely to reach stratospheric prices, art is an investment at risk potentially very high.
Beware of the effects of mode and to y know.


Both say frankly with €5000 and (by line + transaction + conservation) fees you can afford one or two actions, useless, because it will take a lot of profit to get to zero. The ACC is at 4300 you have good chance of losing (ACC oscillates between roughly between 3000 and 6000 and 4300 being still in the Middle Going to knowledge to find exceptional companies at normal prices (you don't want normal business at great prices), in short the market and average and you do not have the knowledge.


Rule 1 the casino is a for-profit business, so she puts in place that games where she won, so the House always wins


possible, but there are risks (diversify in the platform by selecting projects tailored to your time, choose your platform, because a good part of the platforms will be buy or merge as in telecommunications in the past). My choice: lendix and in France (5% net off)(AMF, gros capital, numéro un et deux en France), mintos taxes if you like the countries of the is (net 10% off taxes). NB of gains and default stats are to be taken lightly (especially to the question when did a company is in default?). PS there are some risques(non-remboursement, fermeture plateforme, retards…)


invest in the capital of companies, it's 5 companies (generally it takes 1000).


Crypto currencies

blah blah many scams + speculation

The number of crypto currencies is not fixed, people create all day only some will get to do a reputations, and they are celles-la in which you go possibly invest. There are very few crypto directly exchangeable currencies for euros. Most trades with bitcoin. Bitcoin is a great cryto currency.

Drift (turbot etc)

These product are more or less complex derivative implemented by financial institutions for transmitters which have specific funding needs. These products represent a tiny share of the derivatives and are reserved for seasoned investors. He is often blamed to the exotic products to be unreadable. They are often very volatile, that is to say that the course can vary from astronomical way in a few days.

Real estate

Do not dream with 5 k even with credit you won't get anything, even a good field empty it is more expensive, can be a parking lot.


This is not an investment it is savings… They are not money but limit the loss due to inflation.



This is a particularly volatile investment.

Class of assets to share, commodities (agricultural, or industrial, oil, precious metals…) is a strategic investment in a long-term perspective. Their price is strongly related to the level of production or even at the level of the estimated natural reserves, especially in the case of products on energy. Geopolitical and climatic factors may also affect their courses.

The raw materials can have a significantly different evolution of the traditional securities (stocks, bonds) markets.

In times of inflation, there is a trend to the rising prices of raw materials. This allows to cover part of his portfolio against rising prices. On the other hand, because the majority of these products are quoted in US dollars, there is a negative correlation with changes in this currency.

This type of investment is subject to specific risks. It is however the option to invest in materials first via an overall index allowing to decrease the risk by investing in several assets.


There s y know.

Attention to the modes, the sector to its modes and is more or less cyclical, 50s, furniture louis XYZ, brief attention, especially since he must have an eye to find the rare Pearl.

With prices ranging from €150 for a trinket former € 30,000 or more for nice signature furniture – furniture collection can reach several million euros

The first condition for investing in antique furniture, is to have room to accommodate the target furniture.  It is necessary to request an invoice specifying the time of the object and its detailed description



lots of work for honest mlm and otherwise many scams.

OPCM and lives and other mutual funds insurance

Yes, but a little performance to at least obligations or / and a few actions: my advice to buy after a crash (ACC oscillates between roughly between 3000 and 6000 and 4300 being still in the middle), but it there from other places (Asia America, just see)

Binary options

What l it doesn't tell you is who says great leverage says super Club effect, in case of loss you can find yourself with a credit on the upper to your original bet back (good in general it y stops and calls of margin, but good), many are scams in the sector.

Gold and metals

speculative, the price is still high and costs are important (conservation, keeping gold at home is not necessarily a good idea).


With just 5 k except to make a credit, finally depends on the location

Difficult in the city, if not impossible, to have a car without a parking place

Paris sports

Rule 1 the bookmaker is a for-profit business, so he puts in place on the sides where he wins, so the House always wins

Part B of the banks

blah blah

The redemption of your securities is provided, but it may take some time. with the law of 10 September 1947 on the status of the cooperation, the rate of return offered cannot exceed the average rate of return on bonds of private companies. This rate continues to decline to reach floors.


Now less than 2.5%, no frankly it's not profitable. However, exception made of the oldest ELP, them are very lucrative.


Of (performance or tax) to see, you can find some interesting things at this price


There is y know.

Most of the possible assessment could be done usually on 5 to 7 years after bottling.

Intermediate consumption of wine making supplies for increasingly rare sale value taking is not the declining stocks.

Investing in wine is a long-term project. But be aware that the market is rather cyclical is an OTC market for which there is no net asset rating so impossible to easily sell this product yet made of water.


Particular market


A company will take time and money.

Know that it takes 3 years to lon kyosaki to begin to draw a minimum wage and you'll burn all your cash (except for the site, but say that to do thousands of hours of work for zero €, interested?) …

It will take talent Manager and sales in addition to some specific talents.

A Web site

A web site is especially time consuming, but you have the advantage that it really not expensive to install. However, competition is tough, totally wild. A few hundred euros is enough to open a web site type blog with a few plug-ins… For more specific sites, it climbs however relatively high…


Your 5000 can develop a small program that can be sold easily.


A restaurant

If you have skills as a cook or Baker, the restaurant can be a good alternative.   It is possible to open your own restaurant before a budget of 2,000 euros only. Of course, with a background of 3000 or 5000 euros the quality of your products and services will be improved.

Thrift store

With your EUR 5 000 in a clothing store or something similar. The hard part is to find suppliers who offer clothes of high quality and at lower prices.

Sports items

You can open a shop of sport rather easily. You can easily resume the old models of sportsmen and bellies again.

A purchase resale Center

You sell items that are deposited with you for money. It takes a large warehouse

A laundromat

To place a few thousand euros, it is possible to invest in a laundromat. The advantage in this activity is that you do not much work and and have some good money. To make your business profitable, choose a local large and frequent, ideally in the city. Equip your local washing machine and dryer, soap dispenser and softener and a camera.

Reload the ink cartridges, computer repair and phone

A lucrative and easy business. This type of business works well for now, because manufacturers fonts of the margin on the cartridges.


Another company

You have skills in management? You are a handyman Emeritus? Invest your 5000 euros and more in entrepreneurship as a DIY company. This can be a company of the primary or tertiary depending on your skills and your aspirations. This can also be a very small company, a small or medium company or a limited liability company. It depends on your area of expertise. In all cases, make sure that customers are interested in the products and services you offer. This ensures you of some good money.


  The franchise

The small franchises are a good way to place a few thousand euros. However if you figure you lose your license and you have it in the os…  Among your benefits, you enjoy the reputation of the parent company and easily attract the customer in addition to be able to sell its products.

Training Center

If you have skills in the field of education and especially the support necessary for ouvrir(autorisation si nécessaires), it is possible to open a school or Center training to be sure also to advertising in addition to the quality of the teaching



   New technologies

New technology products are a good investment for quick gain of money. By investing 2000 euros and more, it is possible to sell phones or computers. You can also open a company working in areas related to computing as tasks related to multimedia, retouching photos… This type of business requires a good market research before any implementation. This is to avoid the investments at a loss.





So we have several investments that emerge, SCPI, life insurance, crowdlending or create a small business (attention do not release your work) I specialized in the field of the crowdlending so I recommend this area, because I like the fact that it is simple accessible and that there is still a bit of performance.

Without risk? Yes there is, but it's no returns…

Unless you cheat.


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