Everyone deserves to be rich, or anything else you've ever learned about your money


everyone merit being rich despite the crisis

 EVERYONE DESERVES to be rich, or anything else you've ever learned about your money' of Olivier Seban is one of the first and the best books on the subject.

In this book you will discover that everyone can access the financial freedom and just getting there to want and to know how to. Read this new edition of everyone deserves to be rich and discover: the secret that you will permanently protect money problems; the principles that the rich use and that you can apply today (regardless of your income); How to buy real estate without a penny; How to invest on the stock market simply and without risking his shirt; a plan of simple and concrete action for you enrich more quickly that you have never imagined.

All the experience of Olivier Seban areas of the stock market, real estate and entrepreneurship this recent strongly in this book and he gives us his tips and experience help us to like him thrive in these areas.

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About the book

Translated into several languages, this book is the bestseller of personal money. The recent financial crisis, the rises and drops unpredictable of the stock market, the surge in real estate, new opportunities of business creation: the current economic environment makes it even more necessary.

This new updated edition offers even more tips and techniques to control your money, build you a "capital security"… and enjoy life!

The goal of the book is not to make the player a multi-millionaire but to show him how to manage its finances and its budget to avoid the cycle depleting funds for consumption (or get out if he's already locked up), find sound revenue management, and seize the best opportunities of development of sas assets.

Tips, advice, methodology… Olivier Seban has hurt all taboos and all the false beliefs. The beginning of wealth requires above all a good management!

After successfully created several companies in different areas of technology, Olivier Seban began trading at the age of 35 years… He saw its equity income since 1998.

In addition to this bestseller, Olivier Seban is also the author at Maxima "all women deserve to be rich" and a stock classic "Day trading and Swing trading strategies and Techniques" (2nd edition)

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About the author

Olivier Seban is without doubt the coach, and the real estate, the most watched and most often quoted expert on the Internet.

He is the author of several books including the bestseller "everyone deserves to be rich", sold in more than 20 countries and translated into 6 languages. Olivier Seban shows that everyone can succeed and change his life using real estate as a means of enrichment and personal development.

Through his training, and his appearances on different TV French, Belgian and Swiss, he shares his experience of investor and successful entrepreneur to help others to succeed and improve their lives.

Olivier Seban evokes in his book 3 times key to the process of enrichment are the accumulation, investment and protection.

There are therefore both advice to better manage personal finances, recipes for easily invest in the stock market and in real estate (without a single penny from his pocket!) and action plans to improve personal effectiveness in each of these areas.

Because he became a millionaire at age 32, Olivier Seban knows what he's talking about and there more merit to show teacher to put financial education within the reach of all. What more?

A book to read absolutely!

Olivier Seban through his book "everyone deserves to be rich" (3rd edition) by Maxima, shows us that it is not only the rich who must continue to get rich!

People like you and me can also be rich in good condition of course to make some efforts and especially to work wanting to become rich. Do you think that this may be difficult? I stop you now!

You deserve to be rich, too! No question of «but I don't have any money, never I wouldn't get rich…» "(all with a tear in my eye and trembling voice). Stop!

With the book "everybody deserves to be rich", beliefs about money and received ideas then fall.  Do you think that it is necessary to have the money to become rich? You think that prosper to a good job? You think that enriched requires time?

False, fake and archi fake! Olivier Seban will show you that everything was as excuses before, that the real answer is not to work hard but smart work and that it is not enough to already have a big capital to become rich but to be simply motivated and want to get there. Only your mind will play in your success and all boards of Olivier Seban will benefit you.

The book "everybody deserves to be rich" aims to help you to enrich you, keep your money and above all grow with all the methods that Olivier Seban described in this book.

Through several examples of real-life stories, Olivier Seban will show you that a person like you and me can get their way by using logical and simple strategies to make money.

You will find the starting point to start earning money, what you need to do and especially you will discover the principles and processes of enrichment that the rich are jealously guarded nothing for them until then!

Real estate, the stock market, investments, all means are good to make money efficiently and above all sustainable.

Olivier Seban will give you so all the necessary keys to your financial education, education that you have never had at school, which honestly is a real wrong! It will give you all the secrets he has acquired over the years. Secrets that are worth thousands of dollars!

Olivier Seban, great teacher, then opens the doors of a world that we know very little: financial education.

Then, become master of his money has never been easier with a book such as "Everyone deserves to be rich".

The great strength of "everybody deserves to be rich" is that anyone can apply his advice, those who dare say that they cannot will then be in bad faith.

Still does it take the first step toward enrichment, which will be the most difficult to start. Once your fear is gone, you can start your learning with the strategies of Olivier Seban serenely.

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Summary of the book

Contrary to what many people believe, or would have us believe, it is not necessary to already have money to enrich themselves.

Olivier Seban shows even relatively easy from a simple wage and by adopting good reflexes, to buy real estate without advancing a dime or put his money so he reported 5 to 10 times more than a traditional savings account. To achieve this, this book presents more than a method or enrichment techniques: it offers a real financial coaching and specific rules to apply in all circumstances which will help the reader to change its perception of money and make the right decisions at the right times.

Creative business at age 23 and millionaire at 32, speaker and author of several bestselling books, Olivier Seban knows logic and financial mechanisms that promote personal enrichment: real estate, investment rates, stock exchange… It demonstrates that opportunities to increase its heritage are many and easily accessible to anyone who wants to enter it.

But whatever your choice of investment, the most important lesson of this book, it is that everybody can embark on the road of enrichment from the plan of action proposed by Olivier Seban.

Among these beliefs on money raised

  • First belief: money is not happiness.

Of course money is not everything because there are rich people who are not happy. But we can agree on the fact that money promotes ample peace of conscience that it makes it easier to develop his happiness.


  • Second belief: get rich takes time.

Is false, some years are enough normally has accumulated enough wealth to afford a more peaceful future. Se, get rich asked as much time getting poorer, it's mostly a question of thinking.

  • Troisiemecroyance: Having a good job enough to thrive.

Work at the school and have a good job can have a job with a good income is true. But often a better income implies a better lifestyle more spending.

This isn't your salary that determines your wealth increase. It is your income against your expenses.

You have probably already noticed that the rich become more rich and the poor poor. This means that if you start to enrich you doing the right things you will continue to get rich later.

The goal of everyone deserves to be rich is not to make multi-billion dollar but to pass on the right side of the barrier between rich and poor.

In deciding to follow from now his advice, you will gain valuable time to secure your financial future while increasing your purchasing power… before you enjoy the pleasures of your new wealth…

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What is the content of the book?

We live in a society where money is omnipresent, where money is a medium of trade and investment and a very useful tool if we know use it, there is no course in elementary schools, in colleges and high schools, to my knowledge, which don't teach how to properly manage money. And when you see what most people do, think it's a shame really.

In any case, until this gap be addressed in school curricula, and then anyway for those who are no longer in school, it's too late, need to fill this gap by ourselves. And that is where it is important to read books on the subject or to take courses on the subject. And the book "everybody deserves to be rich", merit really introduce you gently.

It is designed for beginners, clearly. It's a book that reads very simply, very easily. Olivier Seban, he didn't like to get a Nobel Prize for literature by writing this book and it feels! And that's exactly what we asked, we want a non-fiction book, what we want is that it is simple, he went straight to the point and he gives us concrete tracks to change things in our life.

And that's exactly what makes this book. It will give you all the keys to get a basic education at the level of finance and this is something that is missing.

The book begins with a series of chapters on the State of mind which is very important to do well financially.

Then, he gives us a foundation for financial education. He will teach you what is the difference between an asset and a liability for example, between an asset and income too, or liabilities and debt. This is not the same thing.

Then, it will give you ideas to make your money grow. And there are a lot of things like this that are simple. And as Olivier Seban says in his book: "it is not because it is simple that is not performing. ».

Sometimes, we want things that are extremely complex to motivate us to act, saying to himself: "no, it's so simple, it's not worth it to linger. "whereas precisely, and well, sometimes the simplest things are the most interesting.

So really, it's a book that I recommend if today, you haven't read book on the subject of financial independence, financial education.

It will give you all the basics needed to better understand the subject that you can then deepen after having practiced already which is common in the book by reading other books, let's say, that go a little deeper into the subject. This is an excellent book of initiation that I highly recommend.


  • False beliefs and realities
  • A first step towards wealth
  • The starting point
  • Principles of enrichment
  • Investments: the race against inflation
  • Real estate
  • The scholarship
  • The company
  • Chance and opportunity
  • Sleep on your two ears
  • Ask! You will be given
  • You can play
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Why buy the book?

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to be financially independent and who doesn't know where to start.

Indeed, this book is an easy book to read, in which the author addresses his readers in a clear and simple way, without using jargon of Economist, banker or other broker.

In his book Olivier Seban pushes you to make a point about you point on your relationship to money. He talks, among other things, false beliefs that one's money, for example: the acquisition of wealth is done at the expense of others, money is something bad, that he must be rich to invest…

He also took the example of three fictional families, the Clactou family, Matuvu family and the Chuipariche family. These families are facing different opportunities, different temptations and react differently according to their financial education. He may you even you recognize in these families!

What I love about this book is that it allows you to make the point on your own budget, and on the way you manage your money, giving you the basics of (what is that of active income? passive income? the importance of always afford 1…) all by addressing comprehensively the ways to get rich through the 3 pillars of enrichment :

  • Real estate
  • The scholarship
  • Starting a business

Through these 3 pillars of enrichment, Olivier Seban gives you simple tips that anyone can implement.

To better manage your budget, supplement your income, to find out how to invest in stock market by limiting the risk taking, how to find a good deal in real estate and how to finance your project, how to create your business.

This book offers a fluid reading of simple and detailed explanations. It "puts everything flat", says / confirms the basics of money management and investment opportunities. It answers the question "how get rich from scratch? Miracles existent generally, work combines bluntly with the desire to get rich, reflection accompanies him to guide the thought, carry out its projects.

With this book, you will not see your finances in the same way!

If you're just starting your financial education, it will bring you knowledge to any project emerging; If instead you are already well advanced (e), although some things will already be known, but a "booster shot" is always good

There is a 3rd edition (2012) everybody deserves to be rich… Despite the crisis! The differences with previous editions are explained by Olivier Seban: "basically the topic is the same, but redesigned and updated compared to the crisis, you will see that there is no difference in the management of finance between a State and an individual like you and me.» Basically it boils down to one thing: If you spend money you don't have, you are going to have some problems.

The strong points

  • Reading ease: simplified vocabulary, comparison between the 3 fictitious families, explanation of some basic principles…
  • Very general book: the author discusses the different pillars of enrichment: the stock market, real estate and entrepreneurship. You have to see in what area you are most attracted.
  • It's a book that pushes you to pass to the action: be it to better manage your budget, to push to train you or change your relationship to money.

The weak point

  • It is a very comprehensive book, meant for people who are new to investments. If you already know the basics, or you want to learn more about these 3 pillars of enrichment, it must register for training. Besides Olivier Seban regularly offers seminars on real estate and the stock market.


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