Book: think and get rich by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon HIll book, a best seller
Napoleon HIll book, a best seller

You will find in this book that nobody will ever teach elsewhere: how to assimilate and apply the principles that you will make a fortune and achieve the goals that you have set. Napoleon Hill manages brilliantly to demonstrate how your thoughts and your beliefs can change the course of your life. This article is l´un the longest and complete on the subject that exists on the internet, 63 000 words. Fruit of a looking for more than twenty years on the wealth and talent, think and get rich develops thirteen universal principles that will boost your confidence and will lead you to a guaranteed success.

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Think and get rich

Napoleon HIll book, a best seller
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Taught, for the first time, the famous Andrew Carnegie formula for money, based on 13 steps proven.


Developed over 25 years of research, in collaboration with more than 500 wealthy men who have proven by their own achievements that this philosophy is feasible.

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You will find in this book that nobody will ever teach elsewhere: how to assimilate and apply the principles that you will make a fortune and achieve the goals that you have set. Napoleon Hill manages brilliantly to demonstrate how your thoughts and your beliefs can change the course of your life. Fruit of a looking for more than twenty years on the wealth and talent, think and get rich develops thirteen universal principles that will boost your confidence and will lead you to a guaranteed success.

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Here is a book that can transform your life. Because it is in this that think and get rich is unique and precious: it is effective! Do not be surprised that nearly eight million readers have made him one of the greatest success of bookshop. Thanks to the revelations that contains this book, you will overcome all obstacles and will satisfy your ambitions, whatever they are. This book is the result of a study of twenty years which focused on the lives of people experiencing more successes, such as Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller and Alexander Graham Bell. If you are interested in fortune, success doesn't scare you off, this book is for you. It will teach you how your dreams and enjoy your new wealth.


TRIBUTES to the author of great American leaders


"Think and get rich" is the result of 25 years of work. It is the most recent of Napoleon Hill, based on his famous philosophy of success. His work and writings have been acclaimed with great leaders of finance, education, politics and the Government.


Supreme Court of the United States, Washington, DC


Dear N. Hill: I finally finished reading your manuals on the law of success and I wish to express my appreciation for the great work you have done in the Organization of this philosophy.


It would be very useful that all the politicians in the country equate and apply the 17 principles on which your lessons are based. The book contains important elements that any leader can understand, regardless of the horizon which he comes.


I am pleased to have had the privilege to contribute to a lesser extent in the Organization of this special course on the philosophy of the 'common sense'.


Well to you.


(Former president and former chief justice of the United States)


King of stores 5 and 10 cent Stores


"By applying most of the 17 fundamental principles of the philosophy of success, we have managed to build a large chain of stores. I think that it would be no exaggeration to say that Woolworth Building could be considered, with good reason, as a monument in tribute to the effectiveness of these principles."



A magnate of Steamboats

"I am really indebted to have had the privilege of reading your book on the law of success. If I had known this philosophy 50 years earlier, I am sure that I could do anything that I did in half the time. I sincerely hope that the world will discover your work and will reward you for it."


A famous union leader American "philosophy of success is the equivalent
a policy of insurance against failure."



"I congratulate you for your persistence. Any man who spends so much time… will necessarily be discoveries of inestimable value to his fellow. I am deeply impressed by your interpretation of the principles of mastery of the mind you have described so clearly."


A King of trade

"I know that your 17 fundamentals of success"
are effective because I applied in the conduct of my business for 30 years."


The largest manufacturer in the world of cameras

"I know that you are building a better world with your law of success. I won't hesitate to put a value on this training because it teaches the student to the qualities that the value measured not only in terms of money."



"All the success that I could get, I owe them fully to the implementation of your 17 fundamental principles of the law of success." I think I have the honor of being your first student."



In all the chapters of this book, it is question of secrecy that has helped more than 500 personalities fabulously rich fortune. I have studied carefully for many years the life of these personalities. The secret was brought to my attention by Andrew Carnegie. This old Scottish smart and friendly has carelessly sown it in my mind, while I was still a boy.

After said, he settled in his chair, a joyful glow in the eye, and me observed carefully to see if I was smart enough to realize the importance of the revelation that he had let me. When he saw that I had typed his idea, he asked me if I was ready to spend 20 years or more to prepare myself to reveal this secret to the world, men and women whose lives would be a failure without him. I told him that I accepted to do so, and with the cooperation of Mr. Carnegie, I kept my promise.

This book contains this secret, which has been tested by thousands of people from all walks of life. The idea of Mr. Carnegie was that the magic formula that allowed him to raise his immense fortune, must be made available to people who do not have the time to study how to win money. He hoped that I could test and demonstrate the effectiveness of the formula by the experience of men and women of various vocations.

He firmly believed that the formula should be adopted in all schools and public universities, because he was convinced that if it was taught properly, it could revolutionize the entire educational system, reducing thus half the time spent in school.

The experience of Mr. Carnegie with Charles M. Schwab, and other young men of type of Mr Schwab, had convinced him that most of the subjects taught in the schools are of no use to what is earning

or amassing a fortune. He arrived at this conclusion after having successively in his company a number of young men, most of whom were less educated, to train them in the use of this formula. He thus managed to develop in them a sense of rare leadership. His instructions have led to all the people who followed them to make fortune.

In the chapter on faith, you can read the amazing story of the Organization of the Steel Corporation of United States, society developed and maintained by one of the young men who have served as an example to Mr. Carnegie to demonstrate that its formula would be effective for all that wanted to use it.

This simple application of secrecy by this young man – Charles M. Schwab – assured him a huge fortune in terms of money and opportunities. Roughly speaking, this unique application of the formula has generated the sum of
$ 600 million. These facts – and it is facts
known to all the people who knew Mr. Carnegie – give you an idea just from reading this book could bring you, provided that you know what you want.

Before even the testing of 20 years period has elapsed, the secret was revealed to more than 100,000 men and women who have used it to their own advantage, as Mr. Carnegie had planned. Some were able to amass a fortune thanks to him. Others have used it successfully to harmony in their homes. A clergyman makes it so efficient use it brought him an income of over 75 million dollars per year.

Arthur Nash, a tailor of the Cincinnati, used his company on the verge of bankruptcy as "Guinea pig" to test the formula. Business resumed and made the fortune of the owners. They continue to prosper, even after Mr. Nash is gone. It was a unique experience in its kind that newspapers and magazines had given him glowing advertising $ 1 million worth.

The secret was transmitted to Stuart Austin Wier of Dallas, Texas. He was ready for this – so ready that he gave up his profession and studied law. Been successful? The book also tells his story.

I had revealed the secret to Jennings Randolph, the day where he received his degree from the University, and he used it with such efficiency that it is now in his third term as a member of Congress, while having an opportunity to continue to use it until he opened the door of the White House.

While I worked as head of advertising – La Salle Extension University, which was far from being an institution famous at the time, I had the privilege to see J. G. Chapline, President of the University, using the formula's so effectively that he did La-Salle one of the great schools of the country distance education since.

The secret to which I refer is mentioned not less than a hundred times throughout this book. It is not directly named, because it seems to be more effective when it is just unveiled and left in view, where those who are ready and that the RECHERCHENT can take it. It is for this reason that Mr. Carnegie me had launched it as quietly, without giving me the correct name.

If you are ready to use it, you'll recognize this secret at least once in each chapter. I would like to have the privilege to tell you how you will know that you are ready, but this would deprive you of much advantage you can enjoy by making the discovery for yourself.

While I was writing this book, my own son, who was then his last year of studies at the University, took the manuscript of Chapter 2, read, and discovered the secret by him – even. He used information with such efficiency that it

directly obtained a position of responsibility, with a higher starting salary than that of Mr everyone. His story is narrated briefly in Chapter 2.

Reading, you may forget the feeling that you might have at the beginning of the book, namely, that the book seems to promise too much. And, also, if you have never been discouraged, if you have struggled to overcome the obstacles that have broken you the soul, if you've tried and failed, if you have never been disabled by illness or a physical affliction, the history of discovery and use by my son of the Carnegie formula might be for you the oasis in the Desert of despair which you were seeking.

This secret has been extensively used by President Woodrow Wilson during World War. Transmitted to all soldiers who fought during the war, cleverly incorporated into the training they were receiving before leaving for the front. President Wilson had told me that it was a crucial factor in the mobilization of funds required for the war.

A few years ago, the Hon. Manuel L. Quezon (who was then Commissioner resident in the Philippine Islands), was inspired by the secret for the emancipation of his people. He got the independence of the Philippines, and was the first president of the free State.

One strange thing about this secret is that all those who acquired it and have used it were literally swept to success, without much effort, and had never known failure!

If you doubt this, note the names of the personalities who have used it, where they are mentioned, are studying their success for yourself, and you will be convinced.

The phrase "Something for nothing" has
no basis!

You can not get the secret to which I refer without the price, even if that price is far lower than its value. Those who do not their will seek will not get it at any price. It does not, it can't buy not this because it is acquired in 2 parts. Those who are ready for the secret already have a part in their possession. The usefulness of the secret will be the same for all those who are ready for it.

Education has nothing to do with it. Long before I was born, Thomas A. Edison was found in possession of the secret, and he had used so intelligently that it became the first inventor in the world, although he had attended the school for 3 months. The secret had been transmitted to a business partner of Mr. Edison. He used it so efficient that, although it gained so that only $ 12,000 a year, he amassed a great fortune, and retired very young of the business world.

You will find his story at the beginning of the first chapter. It should convince you that getting rich is not impossible, that you can still become the person you want to be, that money, fame, fame and happiness are within the reach of all who are willing and determined to enjoy these blessings.

How do I know these things? You should find out the answer until reading this book is complete. You may find it from the very first chapter, or to the last page.

During the 20 years of research that I had undertaken at the request of Mr. Carnegie, I studied hundreds of famous men, which most have admitted that they had accumulated their colossal wealth thanks to the secret of Carnegie; These men include:

  • HENRY L.

This list represents only a small portion of the hundreds of personalities of America famous including successes, financial and other, prove that those who understand and apply the secret of Carnegie, reach heights high in life. I've never heard that it led someone to a failure and that person never managed or made a fortune without applying it.

I conclude that it is essential and most important that any knowledge that can be acquired through what is commonly called "education". And what is that "INSTRUCTION" to the just? I'm answering this question in detail.

With regard to education, most of these wealthy men had received very little is investigating.

Once, John Wanamaker had told me of the little training he had received. His education closely resembles how a modern locomotive takes water, "in the scooping as he advances".

Henry Ford had never attended high school, still less the University. I'm not trying to minimize the value of the statement, but I try to express my sincere belief that those who have mastered and apply the secret will reach the highest peaks, will earn a fortune and will negotiate life on their own terms, even with a minimal instruction.

If you are ready to receive, the secret will inevitably lifting off your reading and you will appear clearly visible. You will immediately recognize. This moment will mark the turning point in your life.

Also remember that this book deals with facts, not fiction. Its purpose is to introduce a universal truth that will teach all those who are lending what they need to do and how. They will also withdraw in the STIMULANT INDISPENSABLE to a good start.

To complete this introduction, I would still tell you so that you recognize more easily through the secret of Carnegie that: all success, all FORTUNE starts with an idea! If you are ready to receive the secret, you already have a half. You will more easily to recognize the other half at the time where she will present in your mind.





The thought is really a powerful fact, which could materialize and turn into hardware or other wealth when it is accompanied by a well-defined purpose, perseverance and yearning.

A few years ago, Edwin C. Barnes discovered that men can become rich thanks to their thinking. His discovery was not come alone. She came gradually, starting with a burning desire to become an associate of the great Edison.

The desire of Barnes was well defined: work with and not
for Edison.

The most important was his thought

Watch carefully how it had proceeded to transform his desire in reality and you will better understand the 13 principles that lead to wealth.

When this desire arises for the first time in
the spirit of Barnes, he could not in any way Act on it.
2 obstacles stood in his way: first, he did not know Thomas Edison and in addition, it lacked even enough money to pay the train to Orange, New Jersey.

These barriers would have been enough to discourage most people but Barnes would overcome them. He was so determined to fulfill his wish himself that he decided to travel by means of a freight train.

He presented himself at the Edison laboratory and announced that he had to deal with the inventor.

A few years later, recounting the first meeting, Edison told:

"He stood there before me and looked like an ordinary type; but something in her facial expression gave me the impression that he was very determined to get what he had look. Years of experience had taught me that a man who really want and deeply a thing and who is able to get it to play any of its future on a simple of, is sure to win. I gave him the chance he sought because I saw that he was determined to succeed. The events that followed gave me reason."

What the young Barnes told Edison on this occasion was much less important than what he thought.

The external appearance of the young man had no weight in his success, but that on the contrary it had serviced it.

The only thing that counted was his thought which read in him.

If the meaning of this phrase could convince all readers, there would be no need for the rest of this book.

One who deeply desires a thing is sure to win

However, Barnes did not immediately what he wanted with Edison in their first interview. It was just the opportunity to work in the offices of Edison for a regular salary. He realized the tasks that were unimportant to Edison but however important to Barnes because it gave him an opportunity to show his talents so that the partner he hoped to notice.

The months passed. Apparently, there is nothing to Barnes closer the main purpose which had in his eyes. However, something important stated in him: his desire to become a member of Edison grew constantly.

Psychologists were saying that "when you are really ready to get something, it will come alone."

Barnes was ready to this collaboration with Edison and it was decided to the stay until his desire SE BECONSULTED.

He did not say: "how good?" I'd better give up and just a place of seller."

On the contrary, he thought: "I came here to become a member of Edison and I will do everything to achieve my goal, even if it takes the rest of my life." And he really thought!

The story of the men would be very different if they had a single aim accurate and is kept there to turn it into a tenacious obsession!

The young Barnes was ignoring him perhaps at this time, but
her determination and persistence to achieve his desire would finally have reason all obstacles and provided the opportunity he was looking for.

The opportunity between life in the form of temporary defeat

The opportunity that it expected finally came, but not at all as he had imagined it.

Often, the opportunity between life in the form of misfortune or temporary defeat. It is probably for this reason that many people do not recognize.

Edison had just invent a new desktop machine, known at the time under the name of Machine to dictate Edison (it's called Ediphone now). Its sales were not enthusiastic and were reluctant to sell this machine.

They did not believe they could sell it without great effort. Barnes knew that it was an opportunity.

The machine was hidden in a strange appearance machine that not interested than Barnes and its inventor.

Barnes knew he could sell this machine to dictate Edison. He said in Edison, which left him his chance. He sold it that Edison entrusted him the market nationwide.

In addition to this collaboration, the slogan 'Invented by Edison and installed by Barnes' developed.

This collaboration lasted more than 30 years. She went rich Barnes financially, but what is infinitely important is that it proved that anyone can really "get rich through his thought".

How this desire of Barnes netted him exactly? Only he knows. Perhaps 2 or $ 3 million, but this sum, as high as, becomes insignificant compared to the invaluable richness that Barnes had acquired: a thought can materialize if it is based on a few principles.

What it takes to achieve his desire

Barnes strongly desired to become the partner of the great Thomas Edison! He wanted to make a fortune. It was only a single asset: IL SAVAIT what it wanted and it was loan to PERSEVERE up the realization of his desire.

There was no money to start. He had received only low levels of education. It had no relations. But it was the spirit of initiative, trust in him and the will to win. With these intangible forces, he had made himself the first associate of the greatest inventor.

The man who abandoned

See another situation. A man had many gifts, but he had failed because he had given up just part away from the goal he sought to achieve.

One of the most common causes of failure is used to give up when we are discouraged by what we believe to be a definitive breakdown. We have all experienced it one day or the other.

At the time of the gold rush, an uncle of R. U. Darby had the "gold fever" and went westward to DIGGING and become wealthy. He did not know that the thoughts of men hold more gold that the Earth will never be. It
won a concession and went there with a pickaxe and a shovel.

After weeks of hard work, his efforts were rewarded. He had discovered the coveted metal. He now needed equipment to operate the vein. He quietly closed the mine and returned home, in Williamsburg, Maryland, to inform his parents and friends of "case". Together, they managed to raise money to acquire the necessary equipment. Darby and his uncle were returning to work at the mine.

The first van loaded gold was sent to a smelter. The performance proved happy owners that they possessed one of the richest mines of Colorado! Still a few vans gold and all their debts would be paid. Then came the big profits.

Forward the augers and sail hopes!

But, suddenly, the vein disappeared! Machines forèrent desperately, trying to find him. In vain. Finally, they decided to surrender. They sold hardware and concession for a pittance and they resumed the train to return home.

The new owner consulta a mining engineer

who surrendered to a small calculation and attributed the failure of the Darby to a misunderstanding of the land and the geological layers. According him, be found the vein to 3 feet from where the DARBY had stopped drilling! What turned out to be absolutely right!

Man Thus picked up millions of dollars because he had sought the advice of an expert.

A large part of the money used for the purchase of the material had been obtained by the efforts of R. U. Darby, who was very young. The money came from his parents and friends because they had confidence in him.

The success follows the failure

It is many years later, when he realized that the desire can SE TRANSFORMER EN OR, as Darby finally dampens this heavy loss.

He understood it when it had mounted its life insurance company. He applied the lesson from his unhappy experience. It was repeated whenever the opportunity presented itself: "I have capitulated before the gold, I never capitulerai before a customer who refuse coverage."

Darby is one of the small groups of less than 50 people, which sells annually for more than a million of dollars in insurance.

Success rarely comes without that one has first met several defeats temporary.

When the failure seems to be total, the easiest and most logical to do thing is of abort. This is exactly what most people do. More than 500 Americans among those who have been most successful have told me that they had experienced their greatest success immediately after a failure that seemed yet hopeless.

The failure, as if he wanted to play a good round, made that hide the success which is actually much closer than we think.

'No' doesn't always mean non

Shortly after Mr Darby had graduated from "University of hard shots" and that it had decided that the lesson was not lost, he witnessed a scene that proved it that 'no' does not always mean no.

One afternoon, he helped his uncle to grind wheat in an old mill. The door opened slowly and a small black girl returned and remained planted on the threshold.

Uncle looked up, saw the child and scolded him: "what you want?"

The child replied softly: "my mom asks you to give him 50 cents."

"No question, countered the uncle, now va-t-en." "Yes, Sir", said the child, but she did not move.
The uncle was so busy with his work that he is not perceived
Right away.

When he saw it, he screamed: "I told you to go. "Now in going or I charge you to Scram."

"Yes, Sir", said little, but it still didn't budge.

Uncle dropped the bag of grain that it was preparing to empty the hopper of the mill, captures the fluke of a torn barrel and advanced towards the child. His face was see the embarrassment that resulted from such a situation.

Darby held her breath. It was certain to soon be witness of a murder because he knew that his uncle was angry and that more blacks were supposed to defy whites in this part of the country.

When the uncle found himself at the place where the small stood, it quickly took a step forward, fixed right in the eyes and cried with all his strength: "My mom A need for 50 CENTS."

Uncle stopped, looked at her for a moment, then he slowly put the plank on the ground, put his hand in his pocket and pulled out 50 cents.

The child took the money and withdrew slowly up to the door without eyes the man she had just conquered. When she was out, uncle sat on a crate and looked at the landscape by the window for more than 10 minutes. With fear, he analysed the causes of its defeat.

In this book you will find the secrets of success

Mr Darby also reflected on his side. It was the first time that he saw a black child deliberately master a white adult. How was this possible? Of what special power had this child so part to transform the angry uncle in a docile lamb? What was the secret that had allowed her to dominate the situation?

Darby had still not found answers to these questions when, several years later, he told me the story in the same place – strangely – where his uncle was the defeat of his life.

In the old mill smelling musty, Mr. Darby asked me: "What was this strange power that used this child to completely whip my uncle?"

The answer to this question lies in the principles described in this book. It is complete and contains enough detail and instructions allowing anyone to understand and use this same power that instinctively held the child. You will have an overview in the next chapter.

Somewhere in this book, you will find an idea that could activate your receptive powers. It could come in the form of simple idea, plan or goal. You then take conscience of your past mistakes and it will be enough to make up for everything they have done you lose.

Turn your failures into knowledge to success

When I had explained to Mr. Darby power used unconsciously by the black child, he acknowledged frankly that professional success it recorded 30 years in
as a seller of life insurance, were due in large part to the lesson that had been given to him in his youth.

Then he said: "whenever a client tries to resend without buying my insurance, I can see this child stand there in the old mill, with its big worried eyes, and I say to myself"should I realize this sale". The bestsellers, I them always with people who I had served their refusal."

Recalling also the mistake he had committed by abandoning the party only 3 feet of gold, but he acknowledged that had greatly helped it by this experience, what she had taught him to persevere whatever happens and despite all the difficulties, that it was a lesson that there need to be able to undertake anything successfully.

The experiences of Mr. Darby were simple and mundane, yet they had a crucial effect on his life, so they were as important as life itself. He analyzed his 2 dramatic experiences and drew a lesson.

There are many who have neither the time nor the courage to reflect on its failures in order to transform them into knowledge to success. Moreover, where and how could they learn that can transform failure into a step to success?

The 13 principles studied in this book answer to all these questions. However, remember that the real answer to the questions you ask yourself is in you, through an idea, plan or a goal and that she will be lifting off in your mind in this reading.

A good idea, this is what it takes to succeed. The principles described in this book will help you find the best ideas.

Everything is possible if you stay optimistic!

Before examining these principles, ponder this thought:
… When money flows, it is so fast and so much that we always wonder where he was hiding during the lean years. All the more surprising finding that most people think that only those who work hard and long deserve the wealth.

But as soon as you start to become wealthy, you will realize that wealth starts first with a mindset and the pursuit of a well-defined objective, and that you won't necessarily have to work hard.

You must first acquire this mindset that attracts wealth, but how?

I searched for 25 years the answer to this question, analyzing the lives of more than 25,000 people, because I also wanted to know "how people do to become rich".

Without this research, this book would have not written. Watch carefully as soon as you master and practice the principles described in this book, your status
financial will begin to improve and everything you touch will turn to your advantage. Impossible, you say? Not at all!

One of the main weaknesses of man is to become familiar with the word "impossible". He knows all the rules that do not work. He knows all the things that can not be done…

This book was written for those who want to know the rules followed by the people who have succeeded, and know that "everything is possible".

The success comes to OPTIMISTS as failure goes to the NAYSAYERS. The purpose of this book is to help the naysayers to become optimistic.

Learn how to think in terms of rich

Another weakness of too many people is to judge human beings and things by their own impressions and beliefs. Some believe that anyone can become wealthy by the thought. They are unable to think in terms of rich because their thoughts are accustomed to poverty, misery, failure and defeat.

These unfortunate people remind me of the story of a Chinese in America to have an American education. He was at the University of Chicago. One day, the President Harper met him on campus, he stopped and causa with him for a few minutes, he asked what had most impressed the Americans.

"Well," said the young Chinese "the bizarre shape of your eyes. They are so pretty well drawn!"

We refuse to believe in what we do not understand. We stupidly believe that our own limitations are those of everyone and find the eyes of other "weird" because they are different from ours.

The secrets of Ford to become rich

Millions of people see the success of Henry Ford and envy him, because of his good fortune, his luck, his genius and everything that could help him make a fortune. Perhaps one person in 100,000 knows the secret of the success of Ford, but they are too modest or unwilling to talk. A simple transaction illustrates perfectly his 'secret'.

One day, Ford decided to produce its V-8 engine. He wanted an engine in which 8-cylinder would only be a single block. He asked his engineers to draw this engine on paper. After this design on paper, the engineers concluded that it was simply impossible to mould a block of 8 cylinders in one piece Gas engine.

Ford said to them: "Do it anyway" "but it's impossible!", replied.
"Go for it", commanded Ford, "and put in the time that it will take until you reach there."

They began to work. It was the only thing to do if they wanted to keep their jobs at Ford.

6 months passed, and then another 6. Engineers tried all imaginable but it plans seemed to them to be 'impossible'.

At the end of the year, Ford made the point with its engineers, and even once they could not only inform him of the impossibility of this mission.

"Continue," said Ford, "I want, and I'll take it." They resumed their study and as if by magic, they discovered the secret of the construction.

The Ford DETERMINATION had won once more!

Think about this story of Ford, you who want to
BECOME wealthy, because secrets are there and you do not have to look far.

Henry Ford succeeded, because he understood and applied the principles of success. One of them is to want something specific: knowing exactly what you want.

Review this history of Ford and point out the passages that describe the secrets of its extraordinary success. If you do this, if you get to understand the principles that Henry Ford applied to achieve success, you can become rich like him and succeed while you want to undertake.

We have the power to hypnotize our thoughts by the ardent desire of wealth

When Henley wrote these prophetic verse, "I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul", he should state that we are masters and captains because we have the power to control our thoughts.

He should tell us that the atmosphere in which this small land fleet, in which we are and in which we move, is a form of energy that moves an unimaginably high vibration and is filled with form of universal power that fits our dominant thoughts; There we INFLUENCE in order to transmute thoughts in their physical equivalents.

If the poet told us of this great truth, we know why we are the masters of our fate, the captains of our souls.

He should tell us that this power does not know the difference between destructive thoughts and constructive thoughts and simply transforms these thoughts in their physical equivalents such as poverty or wealth.

It should also tell us that our brain is somehow mesmerized by our dominant thoughts and it attracts, as would a magnet, forces, people and circumstances that agree to these thoughts.

He should tell us that before we can accumulate wealth, we must hypnotize minds by the INTENSE desire of wealth and money until this desire leads us to set plans to acquire.

But Henley was a poet and not a philosopher. He just simply we deliver a great truth in a poetic form, leaving those who followed him the care to interpret his verses.

Little by little, this truth will be necessary to finally persuade you that the principles described in this book contain the secret that allows you to control your economic destiny.

Reading this book could change your financial destiny

We are now ready to consider the first of these principles. Remember that more than 500 people have experienced these principles and have actually accumulated great wealth. These people were poor and had had little education. They have taken advantage of these principles. So, you can use it yourself, successfully and without any difficulty.

Before you read the next chapter, I can tell you that it contains actual information that could easily change your financial destiny. This information has already made extraordinary changes in the lives of 2 persons.

Some years ago, I uttered the opening speech at the University of Salem, West Virginia. I spoke so enthusiastically to the described principle in the next chapter, a student of last year decided to adopt it as his own philosophy. This young man became a member of Congress and was part of the administration. He sent me a letter in which he clearly gave his opinion on this principle that I chose to publish it as an introduction to the next chapter. It gives you an idea of the benefits that can be removed.

Here is the letter: my dear Napoleon,.
My situation as a member of the Congress who have given me the opportunity to study very closely the human problems, I am writing to make you a suggestion that could help thousands of brave people.

In 1922, I watched your keynote address at Salem University. I checked an idea which today allows me to serve my country and I will have to a large extent all my future success.

I remember perfectly wonderful description you have given to the method that used Henry Ford to become rich while initially he was uneducated, without money and without relations. Even before the end of your speech, I was determined to succeed despite the difficulties I might encounter.

Thousands of young people graduating this year and in the years to come. They need practical instruction such as the one that you gave me. They will want to know how to face life. You can teach them, because you have already helped many people solve their problems.

There are currently thousands of people in America who would like to know how to turn their ideas in money, people who start in life, without money and that barely cover their expenses. If anyone can help them, it is you.

If you decide one day to publish a book for this purpose, I would be very happy to receive the first copy with your dedication.

Kind regards



First step towards wealth: the desire
It is the starting point of all achievement.

A few years ago, when Edwin C. Barnes got off the train in East Orange, New Jersey, he could easily pass for a vagrant, but his thoughts were those of a King! During its journey between the railway and the office of Thomas A. Edison, his mind worked. He was speaking
in Edison, asking him to give him the opportunity to realize his ARDENT desire of becoming the partner of the great inventor.

The power of the well defined desire

The desire of Barnes was not a hope! This was not a wish! It was an ARDENT desire, which surpassed all the rest and that was well defined.

His desire was not new when he approached Edison. It was a desire dominant for a long time.

A few years later, Edwin C. Barnes was before Edison, in the same office where he met him for the first time. This time his desire became reality. He was an associate of Edison. The dream that dominated his life had become a reality.

People envied Barnes, because of its more "relaxed" life. They saw only his triumph, they did not take the trouble to study the causes of its success.

Barnes had succeeded because he had set a specific goal and he had devoted all his energy and his efforts to achieve this goal.

He had not immediately become a member of Edison the first day. 5 years passed before the long-awaited opportunity is presented.

For everyone, Barnes was only a cog in addition in the case of Edison. But in his own mind, he was the partner of EDISON since the first day where he had entered the House.

It is a remarkable illustration of the power of the defined desire. Barnes had reached his goal because he wanted more than anything in the world to be the Member of Mr. Edison. And for this, he drew up a plan and cut the bridges behind him. His desire, which was first an obsession, became a real fact.

During his trip to East Orange, he did not say is: "I'll ask Edison to find me a job, no matter which", but: "I see Edison and would say that I have come to do business with him."

He did not say more: "I will work there for a few months and if I don't get any encouragement, I will stop and seek another job elsewhere", but: "I will do what Edison asking me to do, because I want it to be his partner."

He did not say: "I'll find another occasion where I wouldn't be what I want with Edison", but: "the only thing I want is be the partner of Thomas A. Edison. And for this, I will cut off all bridges behind me. My future depends on my ability to get what I want."

He sought is no exit door. It was win or die!

The secret of the success of Barnes is there.

How to keep in mind the ardent desire to win?

Long ago, a great warrior had to take a decision to win a battle with a numerically less strong than that of the enemy army. He brought up his soldiers on boats and sailed towards the land of the enemy. There he was disembarking men and weapons, then gave the order to set fire to the boats. Addressing his troops before the battle, he said to them:

"As you can see, we have more boats. This means that we cannot leave these shores live only if we win the battle! "We no longer have the choice: we must conquer or die!"

They won the victory.

Anyone who wants to succeed in any business must burn its boats and cutting off all sources of retirement. It is the only way to keep in mind the ARDENT desire of winning, which is the key to success.

Difference between those who succeed from those who fail

The aftermath of the great Chicago Fire, State Street Traders contemplated the burnt remains of their stores. They held a conference to decide whether to rebuild or leave Chicago and open stores in a more profitable place.

They all took the decision to leave the city. One decided to remain. It pointed the finger the ruins of his shop and said: "Gentlemen, it is here that I will build the largest store in the world, and I'll get there even if he had to burn several times."

A century has passed since. The store was built. It is still there. It is a very high monument showing the power of this state of mind that is the burning desire. For Marshall Field, the easiest solution would have been to follow fellow traders who found that the situation was difficult and the future seemed bleak and that it is better to seek a more accessible happiness elsewhere.

Please note this difference between Marshal Field and other traders because it is the same that had distinguished Edwin C. Barnes of the thousands of other young people who had worked in the organisation of Edison.

This is the same difference that distinguishes those who succeed from those who fail.

All human being, at one point, wants money. However, it is not enough to "wish" to get rich, it must be desired RICHNESS to the point of obsession, then set a specific plan to acquire this wealth, and follow this plan with perseverance.

Instructions on how to turn your desires into cash

Here are 6 specific and practical instructions which will allow you to change your desires in cash:

  1. Fix in your mind the exact amount you want. It is not enough to say: "I want lots of money" but it is necessary to specify the amount. (The psychology of the precision will be described in another chapter.)
  2. Determine exactly what you intend to give in exchange of money you want. (There is nothing for nothing.)
  3. Set the date to which you want to be in possession of this money you want.
  4. Set a specific plan that will help you achieve your desire, and immediately begin in the application, even if you think you are not yet ready.

  5. Write clearly on paper the sum you want to acquire, the time you you are fixed for its acquisition, what you intend to give in return and the specific plan you have developed to do all this.

  6. Read your goals written out loud, 2 times per day, the evening before bedtime and in the morning when you wake up. During this reading, it is necessary that you you see, feel and believe in POSSESSION of this money.

It is important that you apply to the letter the 6 instructions, especially the 6th.

It is necessary to have a mind saturated with the desire for money

You may say that it is impossible for you to "see you in possession of this money" before you actually have. Do not forget that need you a burning desire to help you. If you really and deeply this money and that it becomes an obsession, you will have no difficulty to convince you that you are already rich. What is it wanting money and be so determined to have it easy to convince oneself that it already has.

Only those who have become "aware money" will accumulate great wealth. Having a "conscience of money" means mind completely saturated by a desire for money. They are ready to become rich and are easily be in the possession of wealth.

These instructions will seem impassable for those who are not initiated into the principles of functioning of the human brain.

It is good that skeptics know that through these 6 instructions, Andrew Carnegie, worker in a steel mill, made a fortune.

It should also be noted that fire Thomas A. Edison controlled these 6 steps recommended and considered that it is not only crucial steps for the accumulation of money, but they are also necessary for the accomplishment of any defined purpose.

Have enough imagination, be dreamer

To follow these instructions, you will not need to work hard and make sacrifices, you will not need to sound ridiculous, naive or highly educated. But on the other hand, need you enough imagination to understand that it does not have the fortune by chance or by luck, and that you need to dream, hope, want, desire and develop a PLAN before succeeding.

Also, be aware that you will not accumulate great wealth if you do not have the burning desire to become rich and if you think not possible.

You should also know that all great leaders are dreamers.

Today, Christianity is the greatest potential in the world power because its founder was a great dreamer, who had the ability to see and imagine the realities in their mental and spiritual form, before be transformed into true realities.

If, in your imagination, you are unable to see you gain much money, you don't actually see never as much on your bank account.

Have a well-defined goal and a longing

For we who are engaged in the race for wealth, let us know that the modern world in which we live has changed and needs new ideas, new leaders, new inventions, new teaching methods, new methods of marketing, new books, new literature, new features for radio, new ideas for television and cinema.

To succeed, it must have a well defined goal, know exactly what you want and have a burning desire to possess it.

This changed world needs practical dreamers who will share their dreams. Practical dreamers have always been, and always will be, the modelers of civilization.

We who want to accumulate wealth, we should remember that the real leaders of humanity, those who have always dominated the world, have converted their thoughts into gratte-ciel, cities, factories, airplanes, automobiles, and in many other things that make life more pleasant.

Tolerance and an open mind are the necessary qualities for the dreamers of today. Those who are afraid of new ideas are doomed before even starting.

When you decide to purchase your share of wealth, you do not influence, even if it makes a mockery of your dream. Try to find the spirit of the great pioneers whose dreams have given to our civilization everything that she has more valuable as well as the opportunity to develop and launch our talents.

Never give up

If you want to do is just, honest, and that you believe it, so, go ahead, do it! Regardless of what "others" will say if you experience temporary defeat. They do not know that all failure door the GERM of success.

Thomas Edison dreamt of an electric lamp and the realized after more than 10,000 failures, he persevered until the realization of his dream. The practical dreamers never RELINQUISH!

Whelan dreamed of a chain of cigar stores and he put his dream into action. Now, United Cigar Stores is the best corners in America.

Lincoln dreamed of the freedom of black slaves, he put his dream into action and his dream became reality.

The Wright brothers dreamed of a machine that would be in the air. Now you can see the realization of their dream everywhere in the world.

Marconi had dreamed of a system that control the intangible forces of the atmosphere. Each radio and every television in the world is proof that he had not dreamed in vain. Its 'friends' did monitor and forced even to a psychiatric examination when he announced to them that he had found the way to send messages through the atmosphere, without the aid of son, nor of any other means of communication.

Nowadays, the dreamers are more welcome. The world gets used to new discoveries. It shows a willingness to reward the dreamer who gives the world a new idea.

The world is filled with opportunities that dreamers of the past have never known. The point of departure of a dreamer must be ARDENT desire of being and of do. If you are lazy or unambitious, you will never realize your dream.

The circumstances of life are often strange

Remember all those who have succeeded have first known hard times before attaining their goals. Often, these hard times have made them discover their true being.

John Bunyan wrote "The journey of the Pilgrim", one of the masterpieces of literature English, after having been imprisoned for his religious beliefs.

O. Henry discovered his genius after he had met the great misfortune and was imprisoned in Columbus, Ohio. He was forced to discover his "be genuine" and use his IMAGINATION, he became a great writer rather than remain a miserable criminal.

The circumstances of life are often strange. We are sometimes obliged to undergo all kinds of punishment before discovering "what we truly are," as well as useful ideas that we are able to create by our imagination.

Edison, the largest worldwide inventor and scientist, was "noise" Telegraph operator, he failed long before discovering the genius in him.

Charles Dickens began pasting labels on blackened bottles. The drama of his first love touched him deeply that he became one of the real great authors in the world. This tragedy produced David Copperfield, followed other masterpieces. He was able to transform his strong emotions in a constructive dream.

Helen Keller became deaf, dumb and blind shortly after birth. Despite his great misfortune, his name is engraved in the pages of the history of the great. His entire life shows us that defeat exists only when we accept it as reality.

Robert Burns, an illiterate young man, was promised to poverty and alcoholism. But his poetry blossomed like a rose that he did push into the mud.

Booker T. Washington was born a slave, he was so disabled by his race and colour. But as he was tolerant, had an open-minded at all times, on all subjects, and he was a DREAMER, he left a good impression to an entire race.

Beethoven was deaf, Milton was blind, but they will always stay famous because they dreamed and given material form their dreams.

Be prepared to receive the wealth

Before moving on to the next chapter, light again in your mind the fire of hope, faith, courage and tolerance. If you have these States of mind, and you understand the operation of the principles described in this book, all your dreams will come true when you are ready.

There is a difference between desire one thing and be ready to receive it. You are ready when you believe to be able to acquire it. He must believe and not only wish or hope. Having an open mind is essential to be believed. The narrow-minded spirit gives faith, nor courage.

Remember that aim high, you want abundance and prosperity require no more effort than it takes to accept the misery and poverty.

A great poet expressed this eternal truth: I asked the life a penny,
And she in not gave me much,
Although I have prayed the evening
Behind my miserable counter.
Because life is the most just of patrons, it gives you what you ask, but once your fixed salary,
You settle in.
I worked for a salary of lackeys only to learn, dismayed, that life would have willingly paid everything I would have asked.


I would like to introduce you to the be the most extraordinary I've known. I saw him for the first time a few minutes after her birth. Its small head did not trace of ears. The doctor declared that the child was dumb to life.

I refused this diagnosis. I had the right because I was the
the child's father, but I don't say anything. I kept my opinion to me. I decided that one day my son would hear and speak. In my mind, I knew that my son could become normal. I was sure that there was a solution and I knew that I would find.

I thought the sentences of Emerson: "the evolution of things will teach us the faith. We should only obey. There are tips for each of us, and simply listening, we will hear the right word."

The right word? DESIRE! More than anything in the world, I wished that my son was normal. I only have never fallen, not even a second, thanks to this desire.

A few years ago, I wrote: "our only limitations are those that we we set ourselves in our own minds." For the first time, I wondered if this phrase was true because the lie on the bed before me, was a child who had just been born, and had no equipment for hearing. Even if it could hear and speak one day, it would be obviously disfigured throughout his life.

But this child had surely not installed this limitation in his own mind.

What could I do?

One way or another, I had to find a way of getting my own desire burning in this child's mind and make him hear a noise without the help of the ears.

When he was a little bigger to cooperate and that its

mind was filled by the burning desire to hear, this desire actually turned physical.

All these thoughts were in my own mind, but I spoke to anyone. Every day, I myself the commitment that I made to myself: make my son a normal being.

When he was a little bigger and began to focus on objects surrounding, we noticed that he was very low. At the age where children usually begin to speak, he tried even not to sputter, but we knew by his actions that he vaguely heard some sounds. It was everything I wanted to know! I was convinced that if he could hear, even weakly, he may develop his hearing. And one day this hope was confirmed in an entirely unexpected way.

The child intended to…

We achetâmes a phonograph. When the child heard music for the first time, he was just amazed and quickly absorbed the unit. One day, he turn the same song for almost 2 hours, standing in front of the phonograph, the teeth welded at the edge of the box. Later, we learned that the os is good conductor of sound and it was the reason for this attitude.

Shortly after, I discovered that he heard me perfectly when I was talking about pressing the lips on the mastoid bone at the base of his skull. It was the moment to transfer my longing in his mind. As he loved very much on him hear stories, I inventai who had to develop her confidence in him, imagination and a longing to hear and to be normal.

His favorite story, I gave, whenever the flirting me, a new dramatic intensity. It was designed to make him understand that his disability was not a Cannonball

but an asset of great value. Despite the fact that all philosophies have taught me clearly that any MISFORTUNE is the GERM of the success, I must confess that I absolutely could not see how his deafness could turn into asset.

However, I continued to include this philosophy in the stories I told him, hoping that the time would come when I would find how his disability would allow it to achieve a useful objective. Hope and faith had enabled me to continue.

Thinking back to that experience, I realize that the surprising result that we got was first and foremost the faith that my son put in me. It does never recovered in question what I told him. I convinced it that he had an advantage over his elder brother, and that this advantage would play in his favour in several ways.

For example, at school, his teachers would handle more of him and would be very nice. And it was always the case. I also tell him when it would be big enough to sell newspapers (his older brother was already seller of newspapers), people would give him larger tips because they would see that it was a brave and intelligent boy despite his deafness.

Little by little, we noticed that the hearing of the child was improving. He had never tried of feeling sorry for himself because of his disability.

The child proved that a disability is not a barrier

It was about 7 years old when he proved us for the first time that our way to stimulate his mind bore its fruits. For several months, he wanted to sell newspapers, but his mother objected. She was afraid that the child is not safe by going alone in the streets, because of his deafness.

He decided finally to act alone. One afternoon when he was alone in the House with servants, he jumped through the window of the kitchen, rolled down and escaped. He borrowed 6 cents to the cobbler, our neighbour, to buy newspapers, he sold, then bought in with his gain and thus continued until late evening.

After making his accounts and paid 6 cents that he had borrowed from his banker, net profit was 42 cents.

When we returned home this evening there, he slept in his bed, clutching his money in his hand.

His mother opened his hand, removed the coins and wept. Crying for the first victory of his son seemed so inappropriate! My reaction was the opposite: I burst laughing because I saw that I had finally managed to instill self-confidence in my child.

His mother saw in this first adventure, a little boy deaf who wandered alone in the streets and who risked his life to save money.

Me I saw a small businessman courageous, ambitious and independent who, in so doing, had been morally enriched, because he did everything on his own, and had won.

I was satisfied by this adventure because it was shown to be resourceful and I thought he needed this quality throughout his life. The sequence of events proved us. When his elder brother wanted something, he lay down on the floor, gave kicked in a vacuum and wept for him. But when the "dull boy" wanted something, he found a plan to earn money and bought him – even. And it is always so!

My own son had really taught me that a disability is not an obstacle but a step to achieve a goal.

The desire began to become a reality

The deaf boy fit all its classes: primary school, college, high school and University without being able to hear his teachers, except when they shouted very close to him. We do not voulûmes it occur in a facility for deaf or that he learnt the language of the deaf and dumb. We prefer that he lived a normal life with other normal children and we persistâmes in our decision that we had to fight several times with school authorities who were not our opinion.

At the time of his secondary education, he attempted an electrical device for the deaf, but to no avail. A few years later, during his last week at the University, he received another but he hesitated a long time before testing it for fear of being disappointed again. Eventually, he took the camera, and more or less casually placed it on his head, mit market and MIRACLE! As if by magic, his dream of hear normally SE REALISA! For the first time in his life, he meant practically as well as others.

Mad with joy, he rushed to the phone and called his mother. He perfectly heard his voice. The next day, he clearly heard the voices of his teachers, for the first time in his life! He heard the broadcasts on radio or television. For the first time in his life, he could converse freely while his interlocutors should speak loudly. Really, a new world opened to him.

Our desire began to become a reality, but the victory was not complete! The boy still had to find a defined and practical way to transform his handicap into an advantage.

The deaf boy found a good idea and operated it

Yet hardly realizing what had already been accomplished, but overjoyed to discover this new world of noise, he wrote a letter to the manufacturer of the apparatus describing his experience with enthusiasm.

Something in his letter appealed to the leaders of the company and he was invited to New York. Upon his arrival, he was escorted to the manufacturing plant. He met the Chief Engineer and told him about the change in his life. At that time, an idea flashed through her mind. This idea would convert his handicap in asset and make it rich and happy at the same time.

He realized suddenly that it could help millions of hearing-impaired who were unaware of the existence of these devices. At this moment, he took the decision to devote the rest of his life to serve people with hearing problems.

During a whole month, he did intensive research in this direction. He analyzed the market from the manufacturer and devised a way to get in contact with the hearing impaired around the world to tell them about his new discovery that could change their lives.

Then, he developed a plan of action for the next 2 years. When he presented his plan to the company, was immediately offered him a position that allowed him to carry out his ambition. He thought he was destined to bring hope and relief to the thousands of hearing impaired that without his help, would have been condemned to do not hear anything their whole lives.

Shortly after, he invited me to training given by his company to teach the deaf to hear and speak. I had never heard of such training, I also, I was skeptical but hopeful
not quite wasting my time. There is only one me

showed a complete method that reminded me that I had to help my son to be desired normal hearing.

Nothing is impossible to one who desires to faithfully

Without a doubt, Blair remained dumb throughout his life if his mother and me is we had not arrived to shape his spirit as we did. At birth, the doctor tells us, confidentially, that child could never hear nor speak. But some time ago, when Dr. Irving Voorhees, specialist known in the matter, made a thorough review of Blair, he was amazed to find how my son intended and talking properly. He said that, based on its review, theoretically, my son should not hear at all, but the young man hears.

I wanted to very strong that this child could hear and speak normally this had influence nature. It abolishes the silence that isolated him from the outside world. All that remains inexplicable to scientists.

After this experience, I think it is my duty to tell you that nothing is impossible for one who desires to faithfully. An ARDENT desire is sure to happen. Blair wanted to hear and he hears. Yet, he was born with a disability that could easily turn someone else into a beggar in the streets. When you are at the same time faith and the burning desire, you can all
achieve. These qualities are at your fingertips for free.

To achieve this amazing result

The power of the human mind is strange and imponderable. We do not understand the method he uses to transform the desire to its hardware equivalent. Science eventually may discover this secret.

I rammed in the spirit of my son the desire to transform his biggest handicap in a best asset. This desire was fulfilled. To achieve this amazing result, it took:

  • First, combine the faith and desire
    to hear normally.
  • Secondly, transmit this desire with PERSEVERANCE and EFFORTS continued for many years.
  • Thirdly, he believed ME.

  • What did the desire of a singer in favour

    A brief press release concerning Ms. Schuman-Heink, singer, explains his professional success. I quote the paragraph because the key to this success is none other than the desire.

    Early in his career, Ms. Schuman-Heink visited the Director of the Vienna Opera to ask a hearing of his voice. The Director refused. After throwing a glance to the clumsy and poorly dressed girl, told him no ways: "with such a mine and without personality, how dare you hope to succeed at the Opera? My poor child, therefore waive this project. Buy rather a sewing machine and go to work. YOU'LL NEVER SINGER." Never, it is a long lease.

    The Director of the Vienna Opera was familiar with the technique of singing but he was unaware of the power of obsessive desire. If he knew this power, he would not have committed the error of condemning a genius without giving him a chance.

    The power of desire combined with faith

    A few years ago, one of my associates fell ill. As his condition worsened, he was eventually taken to hospital

    to be operated. The doctor warned me that he had very little, or no luck, heal. But it was the OPINION of the doctor, not the patient. Just before being taken in an operating room, it whispered weakly: "don't worry, Chief, I'll be out of here in a few days." The nurse looked at me with pity, but the patient came out unscathed. After his recovery, his surgeon said: 'what has it
    saved, it is his desire to live. It has survived because it refused to die."

    I believe in the power of desire combined with faith, because I saw him raise people experiencing difficult beginnings to a situation of power and health; I saw him snatch victims to the grave; I saw him determine a new trial after hundreds of defeats; I've seen him give to my own son a happy and successful life despite
    his initial disability.

    How tame and use for our purposes the power of
    DESIRE? This chapter and the following answers to this question.

    Any Director, regardless of its nature or purpose, must be born of an intense desire burning for something well defined.

    By a strange and powerful process of "mental chemistry" that Nature we never has unveiled, we discover that an ARDENT desire abolishes the impossible and the idea of failure.


    Second step towards wealth: faith, visualization, and belief in the fulfilment of the desire

    FAITH is the Chief chemist in our mind. When faith is mixed with the thought, the subconscious mind immediately captures the vibrations and turns them into a spiritual equivalent which acts as the prayer on the infinite Intelligence.

    The emotions that are of faith, love and sex are the most powerful of positive emotions. When the 3 are mixed, they intensely influence the process of the subconscious that directs the concrete answer.

    Love and faith are psychic and are related to the spiritual side of man. Sex is purely organic and is connected to the physical. The mixture of these 3 emotions causes the opening of a direct line of communication between the human mind and the infinite Intelligence.

    You will have faith if you are looking for

    How to develop the faith?

    FAITH is a State of mind that saying or repeating instructions to the subconscious, which plays an important role in the realization of the desire by the principle of autosuggestion.

    Take as an example your own case, why do you read this book? Because you want to know how to turn your intangible desire to its physical equivalent, i.e. money. By following the instructions that you are given in the chapters on autosuggestion and the subconscious, as well as those which are summarized in this one, you can CONVINCE your subconscious that you believe in the realization of what you ask, and it will act on this belief.

    Faith is a State of mind that you can expand at will when you've mastered the 13 principles described in this book, because it is a State of mind that develops voluntarily by the application and utilization of these principles.

    The only method known to voluntarily develop faith is to repeat to his subconscious of affirmative orders.

    All thoughts, positive or negative, stimulated by faith influence the subconscious

    Maybe you will understand better in the light of the example depending on how some men become criminals.

    In fact, here is what says the famous criminologist: "when men face the crime for the first time, they hate. If they remain in contact with the crime for awhile, they get used and support it. "If they remain in contact with him long enough, they absorb it finally to their way of life."

    Which is to say that no matter what thought repeated several times to the subconscious is finally accepted, and then the subconscious transforms this thought to its physical equivalent.

    Yet consider the following remark: all the thoughts that have been RESSENTIES and PETRIES of faith turn themselves into their physical equivalent.

    Emotions alive thoughts and push us to action. Faith, love and sex give thought a great power.

    All thoughts, positive or negative, stimulated by the faith, reach and influence the subconscious.

    You understand that the subconscious translated to its physical equivalent as well negative, i.e. destructive, that positive and constructive thinking. Here the strange phenomenon which are victims of the millions of people: they think they have no chance.

    Your faith is the element that determines the action of your subconscious mind

    There are millions of people who believe themselves "sentenced" to poverty and the failure by a force strange on which they believe have no control. However, they themselves are the creators of their own "misfortunes": their negative thoughts are captured by the subconscious which transforms their physical equivalents.

    The subconscious is the appropriate place where you can suggest that you can transform all your desires into their physical or monetary equivalents, thanks to your subconscious mind, believing really that transformation will take place actually.

    Your faith is the element that determines the action of your subconscious mind. Nothing prevents you from abusing it by giving it instructions by autosuggestion, as I did with the subconscious of my son. To make your desire come true by appealing to your subconscious, made as if you were already in POSSESSION of what you want.

    The subconscious mind will turn to its physical equivalent any order given by him who believes in its realization.

    It is surely not easy to believe deeply in an order given to his subconscious. Faith is not acquired by reading instructions. It takes some experience and practice.

    Faith is a State of mind which is created by autosuggestion

    You can develop your faith by suggesting voluntarily to your subconscious that you have faith. Then, your subconscious influence nature.

    If you understand this truth, you will know why it is essential that you encourage your positive emotions to dominate your thinking and hunt the negative ideas.

    One thought dominated by positive emotions is a positive for the faith. Your mind will then give to will of the instructions to the subconscious that will accept them and work immediately to achieve them.

    FAITH is a State of mind which is created by AUTOSUGGESTION. Throughout history, religions have urged man to faith, but they were never taught how to acquire the faith. They have never explained that "faith is a State of mind that can be acquired by autosuggestion."

    Have faith in yourself; faith in the infinite.

    Remember that: faith is "the eternal elixir" which gives the thought life, power, and the creative impulse!

    Re-read the previous sentence for the second time, for the third time and for the fourth time. Read it aloud!

    FAITH is the first step towards wealth.

    FAITH is the basis of all "miracles" and all the mysteries that cannot be explained by science.

    FAITH is the only antidote known failure.

    FAITH is the element, the "chemical", which, in prayer, to communicate live with the infinite Intelligence.

    FAITH is the element which transforms ordinary thinking created by the brain of the man in its spiritual equivalent.

    FAITH is the only one that allows men to capture the cosmic force of the infinite Intelligence and use it.

    Autosuggestion and his power

    What is autosuggestion and what is its power? It is well known that one ends up BELIEVING that is repeated many times, even if it is false. One who repeats
    a lie repeated eventually make a personal truth. The dominant thoughts of a man differentiate it from another and do what it is. When they are mixed of emotions, they are motivating forces that control human actions.

    The truth is that: the thoughts that are accompanied by an emotional sense constitute a magnetic FORCE that draws similar thoughts or related.

    These thoughts "magnetized" with emotion can be compared to seeds which, when planted in fertile soil, germinate, grow and multiply several times until they become millions of seeds of the same brand!

    The atmosphere is a great cosmic mass of eternal forces of vibration. It consists of destructive vibrations and positive vibrations. There is at any time the vibrations of fear, poverty, disease, failure, misery; and vibrations of prosperity, health, success and happiness.

    The human mind constantly attracts vibrations that are consistent with its dominant thoughts. Any thought, any idea, plan or goal that occupies our minds attracts, through the vibration of the atmosphere, an army of thoughts that develop until they become the dominant thoughts that make Act the individual.

    The repetition of thought

    Now let's see how to plant in our minds the original seed of an idea, a plan, or a goal.

    It is very simple: any idea, any plan or purpose can be placed in the spirit by the repetition of thought. Therefore, it is recommended that you write on paper your well defined main goal, to learn it by heart and repeat aloud every day, until your subconscious to have picked up the vibrations.

    We are what we are because of vibrations of thought that we take and record through the stimulus of our daily environment.

    Take the resolution would let you influence in any way and build your own life as you have decided. Taking inventory of your opportunities and your qualifications, you may find your weak point, you maybe Miss confidence in you. You can overcome this handicap and transform your shyness in courage by
    autosuggestion. The application of this principle may be made by the intensive repetition of simple positive thoughts written and learned by heart.

    5 rules to follow to have confidence in itself

    1. I know I'm capable of achieving the objective that I set myself in life. So I call myself a tireless and continuous action in this sense, and I promise to immediately begin this action.
  • I realize that my dominant thoughts will pass through several stages before turning gradually in reality physics, therefore, I will concentrate my thoughts every day, for 30 minutes on the being that I intend
  • to become, by creating in my mind a clear picture.

    1. I know that, thanks to the principles of autosuggestion, any desire I constantly keep in my mind would manifest itself soon before external signs
      to finally achieve the goal. It is for that reason that I shall devote
      10 minutes a day to develop confidence in me.
  • I clearly described on paper, my main goal in life, and I will not stop trying to carry it out until I have developed enough confidence in me for his accomplishment.
  • I realize fully that a wealth – or a situation – cannot last longer than if it is built on truth and justice. Therefore, I will not commit any transaction that benefiting only myself, get one or more persons. I will succeed in attracting the forces I need and the cooperation of others. I am always the first to serve and give to others the desire to help me. I chasserai hate, envy, jealousy, selfishness and cynicism throughout and I'll develop in me the love of humanity, because I know that one negative attitude toward others can never bring me success. They will believe in me because I show that I believe in them and myself.

  • I will sign this declaration, I will learn it by heart and the repeat aloud once per day, BELIEVING that it will influence my thoughts and my ACTIONS and I overtake then self-confidence and personal success that I am aiming for.

    Behind this formula, is a law of nature that nobody was ever able to explain. It has baffled scientists of all ages. Psychologists simply called it "autosuggestion". Its name does not matter. What is important, is that, if it is used in a constructive purpose, it leads to glory and success of humanity, while that used for a negative purpose, it destroys.

    All thoughts are transformed themselves into their physical equivalents

    We can therefore deduce that those who drop out following a defeat and end their lives in poverty,
    the misery and distress, applied the principle of autosuggestion in a negative state of mind. Why? Because all thoughts TEND to transform themselves into their physical EQUIVALENT.

    The subconscious does not differentiate between constructive thoughts and destructive thoughts. It works with the materials they give him and transforms as well a thought of fear that another of COURAGE or faith.

    Suicide by autosuggestion

    There are many cases of "suicide by autosuggestion". A man could commit suicide by planting a negative suggestion in his thinking. This is as effective as other means.

    Joseph Grant, a bank employee, the Bank borrowed a large sum of money, without the agreement of the directors. He lost money in the game. One day, one of the officials checked the accounts. Grant left and took a room in a local hotel. When was he found 3 days later, in a bed, he was crying and repeatedly repeating these words: "my God, this will kill me! I just can't stand dishonor." Shortly after, he died. The doctors had concluded that it was a "mental suicide".

    The law of autosuggestion

    Autosuggestion can be compared to electricity which is a double-edged sword: it turns the wheels of industry and makes useful services but it could also lead to death.

    Autosuggestion could bring peace and prosperity if it is used constructively, but it could also lead to misery, failure and death if we do not really know how it works.

    If your thinking is filled with fear, doubt and lean confidence in your ability to grasp and use the forces of the infinite Intelligence, autosuggestion Act will take hold of these feelings that will be translated into the subconscious in their physical equivalent. IT IS ALSO TRUE THAT 2 AND 2 MAKE 4!

    As well as wind pushes a boat towards the East and another to the West, autosuggestion Act you rise or you lower, according to the inclination of your thoughts.

    Here's how a poet describes this law of autosuggestion:

    If you think you are beaten, you are.
    If you think you dare not, you dare not. If you want to win, thinking of not being able to
    It is almost certain that you will not.
    If you think you'll lose, you will lose. The battles of life
    It is not always the strongest or fastest
    the win
    But sooner or later, one who wins
    Is the one who thinks what IL EN EST CAPABLE.

    The seed of success

    Somewhere in your mind is stagnating the seed of success which, once activated, will you reach heights which you had ever hoped.

    Abraham Lincoln rata everything he undertook until his 40 years and even more. He made the cost of experience which was to awaken in him engineering and give to the world one of its great men. This experience of grief and love, he had the to Anne Rutledge, the only woman that he really liked.

    It is well known that the feeling of love creates a State of mind very close one that generates faith, because love him can also transform the thought to its physical equivalent.

    When he studied the extraordinary successes of hundreds of individuals, the author discovered that love is almost always played a key role.

    The power of faith

    If need you proof of the power of faith, study the achievements of the men and women who have used it, including Jesus of Nazareth. Christianity is the greatest single force that influences the minds of men. The basis of Christianity is faith, although many people have not understood or have distorted the meaning of this great force.

    The acts of Christ, whom it described as "miracles", were nothing else that the phenomena occurring with certain State of mind known as the faith!

    Professors of religion and many people think they are Christians, and yet they don't even understand the meaning of faith, and they are not.

    Another example given by a man known to all, Mahatma Gandhi of the India, shows us the power of faith. It was the most powerful man of his time and yet it had none of the usual attributes of power such as money, a boat, soldiers and war material. Gandhi had no money, no home, he did not even have a costume, but it was powerful. How was this possible?


    Gandhi was able to join 200 million souls to do more than one. Only faith can accomplish such a feat.

    Give to win

    Because faith and cooperation are vital to trade and industry, it would be both interesting and fruitful to analyze the method used by industrialists and businessmen and to give before you try to win.

    The event that we report dates back to the year 1900 created the United Steel Corporation. You are perhaps those who are wondering how to turn ideas into large fortunes. The history of this company will learn you it.

    1. The United Steel Corporation was a fantasy created in the spirit of Charles M. Schwab, in the form of idea.
  • He mixed faith to his idea.
  • He developed a PLAN to turn his idea into its equivalent physical and financial.

  • He put in action his plan with his famous speech at the University Club.

  • He followed his PLAN with PERSEVERANCE and remained firm in his decision, until his imagination come true.

  • He had a burning desire to succeed.

  • If you doubt that you can also think and become wealthy, this story should dispel that doubt.

    This amazing testimony was reported to us by John

    Lowell in the New York World Telegram who kindly allowed us to reproduce it.

    A nice speech from end of banquet for a TRILLION DOLLARS

    When the evening of September 12, 1900, 80 of the largest financiers of the nation met in the banquet of the University Club of 5th avenue room to celebrate a man of 38 years, originally from the West, none of them foresaw that he would witness the most significant episode of the industrial history of America.

    J. Edwards Simmons and Charles Stewart Smith, still full of gratitude for the generous hospitality which had demonstrated towards them Charles M. Schwab during their last visit to Pittsburgh, had organized this dinner to introduce into the company of Eastern bankers this representative of steel. They certainly did expect to see override their conventions because they had warned him that the hearts that beat under the shirts of New Yorkers were insensitive to the eloquence and that if he didn't bother Stillman, Harriman, Vanderbilt and co., it would do well to limit his remarks to about 20 minutes.

    2 guests and their distinguished guests absorbed almost in silence their usual 7 or 8 dishes. Little many bankers and brokers who had already met Schwab and none of them knew well. However, before the end of the evening, all including Morgan, the holder of the biggest fortune, were going to wake up and a baby of a trillion dollars, the United States Steel Corporation, would be designed.

    It is a pity for history, that no record of the speech from Schwab remained us. But he certainly gave a tirade in his own way, stuffed with syntax errors (they do it annoyed little), epigrams and spirit. Its galvanizing force acts on the guests estimated the global fortune to $ 5 trillion. At the end of the discourse of 90

    minutes, assistance was still under the charm. Morgan led Schwab away and uncomfortably sitting in the doorway of a window, they talked over all 2 for more than an hour.

    The personality of Schwab was necessary, but most exciting was the detailed and clear program that he proposed the development of a trust of steel. Many other people were tried to interest Morgan in a similar trust. None had never managed to do so.

    The magnetism of the finance which, a generation ago, attracted thousands of small companies, began to act in the field of steel, in part, through the expedients of this jovial pirate business that was John Gates, who had created the American Steel and Wire Company and with Morgan, the Federal Steel Company.

    But aside from the giant Andrew Carnegie trust managed by 53 members, other cases seem mediocre. Even in to steer, they could not counter that of Carnegie. And Morgan knew.

    The old eccentric Scottish also knew. Splendid heights of his Castle, he saw first with amusement, then angrily small Morgan companies try to encroach on its domain.

    When attempts became bolder, mustard him ascended to the nose, and in retaliation, he decided that for each mill belonging to rivals, he would build in 2. With Schwab as a lieutenant, he planned to put his enemies at the foot of the wall.

    In the speech of Charles M. Schwab, Morgan saw the solution of its problems and the vast undertaking Carnegie pass under his tutelage, because a trust without Carnegie, the giant, would not be a trust, it would be an apple pie without apples!

    Charles Schwab spoke of the future of steel, a more effective reorganization, specialization, the closure of the mills unprofitable to concentrate all efforts on those that were flourishing economy on the carriage of ore, economy in administrative departments and on overhead, access to foreign markets.

    Better yet, he revealed to stunned financial mistakes: they wanted to create, as he had understood it, monopolies, raise prices and offer big dividends. He condemned the system with his habitual frankness. It was he, told them little policy limit the market instead of expand it according to the needs of the region. By lowering prices, it would create a market likely to grow and find new global opportunities.

    Dinner ended; Morgan went home to reflect on the suggestions of Schwab. He returned to Pittsburgh lead the matter of Carnegie steel while the others resumed their business pending events that soon hardly.

    It took a week for Morgan to give reason to Schwab that he summoned. Schwab hesitated. Mr. Carnegie, thought – he could not appreciate the president of his case had flirted with the Emperor of Wall Street, a street that he had sworn to never again borrow.

    John Gates, the intermediary, suggested an interview at the hotel Bellevue in Philadelphia, the 2 men that can be found there at the same time "by accident". However, when Schwab arrived, Morgan was ill and could not leave New York. His pressing invitation, Schwab went there.

    Some economic historians American have wrongly claimed that the case had been set up by Andrew Carnegie, the dinner in honor of Schwab, the famous speech, the maintenance between Schwab and the King money, everything had been arranged. When Schwab was commissioned to undertake the negotiations, he was absolutely unaware of if 'little boss', as it dubbed Carnegie, lend ear to an offer to sell

    from men he didn't like. His hand, Schwab covered 6 pages of figures representing the merits, value physical and financial all mining companies that he considered important.

    4 men studied these figures overnight: Morgan, who strongly believed in the divine right of money; his partner, the aristocrat Robert Bacon, a scholar and a gentleman; John W. Gates, a player that Morgan had no more cases a tool; Schwab, better informed than any other on the manufacture and sale of steel.

    During the conference, the figures were never questioned. In the combination should enter carefully selected companies.

    At dawn, Morgan attacked the last point: "Inspire you Carnegie to sell?"
    "I can always try," said Schwab.

    "If you get there, I'm your man", said Morgan. But Carnegie would sell? If Yes, how much would require? Schwab was $ 320 million.
    Would it require to be paid in securities, shares, bonds? Cash? But who could pay a third of a trillion dollars in cash?

    The following month, Carnegie and Schwab met for a round of golf on the frosted Heath of Westchester, but they only talked business that evening, comfortably installed in the villa of Carnegie. With his customary eloquence, Schwab was dangling a future of more tempting and the countless millions who would allow the old man to satisfy his whims.

    Carnegie capitulated, wrote a number on a piece of paper and handed it to his interlocutor stating: "Here are my prices".

    It amounted to $ 400 million representing the
    320 million mentioned by Schwab as a base figure more 80 million, the increase of capital for the past 2 years.

    Later, on the deck of a transatlantic liner, the Scots said sadly to Morgan: "I regret not have requested you 100 million dollars more."

    'If you had required, you them would have had', cheerfully retorted Morgan. The new fit the noise. An English correspondent wired that overseas the world of steel was "appalled" by the gigantic combination. The President of Yale, Hadley, declared that if the trusts were not regulated, the country could expect to see in the next 25 years, Emperor enthroned in Washington.

    The young Schwab, let's not forget that it was only 38 years old, was named president of the new company and remained in service until 1930.

    Wealth begins with a thought

    The example you just read perfectly illustrates the method that uses the desire to materialize.

    A giant organization was created by the mind of one man. The plan wanted the Organization was fuelled by steelworks which allowed him so its financial stability. This plan was designed by a single man. His faith, his desire, his IMAGINATION, his STUBBORNNESS was what created the United States Steel Corporation.

    Surveys revealed that the value of steel and mechanical equipment acquired by the legally recognized organization grew by $ 600 million by the mere fact that it was managed by a central administration. In other words, the idea of Charles M. Schwab, worn by the faith that he communicated to Morgan and others, reported approximately $ 600 million. What, for one thing, is not evil!

    The United States Steel Corporation prospered and became one of the most powerful enterprises in America.

    Wealth begins with a thought.

    The scale is set by the person who spawned the thought.

    Remember that: poverty and wealth are all 2 girls thought.



    Your subconscious mind to operate your plan, desire or goal

    By a process that is unknown to us, it feeds the forces of the infinite Intelligence and voluntarily transforms a desire to its physical equivalent, always using the most practical means to achieve his goal.

    You can fully control your subconscious mind, but you can assign the plan, desire or goal that
    you want to achieve. Autosuggestion chapter shows how to use the subconscious.

    It has been proven that the subconscious is communicating the limited mind of man and the infinite Intelligence. He alone knows the secret process that modifies the impulses of thought and changes in their spiritual equivalent. He alone is the medium that transmits the prayer to the source that can answer.

    The first creation must be thinking

    The creative possibilities of the subconscious are also remarkable as contingencies. They frighten even a little.

    When I speak of the subconscious, I always feel a sense of inferiority, perhaps this is due to my knowledge limited on its nature.

    Once you have accepted the existence of the subconscious as reality, and understood its role as intermediary in the transformation of desire in its physical or monetary equivalent, you will understand the meaning of the instructions given to you about the desire. You will also enter why you so often recommended to specify your wishes and write down them. You will understand the need for PERSEVERANCE.

    '13 principles' are stimulants. Thanks to them, you will learn to reach and influence your subconscious. Do not be discouraged if you can't remember right away. Do not forget that the subconscious can be directed at will by the habit. (Follow the instructions given in the chapter on faith.) Be PATIENT and PERSEVERING.

    What you've read about faith and autosuggestion will you be repeated here for the benefit of your subconscious. Remember whether or not it works anyway, you make an effort to influence it. Thus, the thoughts of poverty and all negative thoughts influence your subconscious mind, unless you reach to dominate and give it a more desirable food.

    Your subconscious is not idle. If you implant not your desires, it will feed of thoughts that reach it and that will be the result of your NEGLIGENCE.

    We have already explained it, positive or negative, the waves of thought fed 4 sources cease to sweep over the subconscious.

    For now, remember that you live daily in the center of all the thoughts that reach it without your knowledge. Some of them are negative,
    other positive. Try to stop the flow of thoughts
    negative, you can influence your subconscious mind so that he claimed that the positive waves.

    When you're able, you will possess the key that opens the door of your subconscious. You move farther to will the unwanted thoughts.

    Man cannot create anything that he first thought. With the help of imagination, these thoughts form a plan. Imagination, if controlled, is used in the creation of plans or projects that determine the success of a company.

    All which will be transformed into physical equivalents and which are established voluntarily in the subconscious thoughts must go through the imagination and be valued by the faith.

    Draw the conclusion of this paragraph: the voluntary use of the subconscious seeks coordination and application of the laws that we have previously defined.

    How to use your positive emotions?

    The subconscious is more easily influenced by thoughts charged with emotion and by persons who are the reason. Indeed, it is easy to prove that only "emotionally charged" thoughts have an influence on the subconscious. It is well known that the majority of people allow themselves to be led by emotions and feelings.

    While it is true that the subconscious responds more quickly to emotional thoughts and is more easily influenced by them, it is essential to familiarize yourself with positive emotions higher.

    There are 7 large positive emotions and 7 negative. Negative emotions invade themselves the subconscious, while positive emotions should there be pushed by autosuggestion. (Instructions you have given in this sense in the chapter devoted to autosuggestion)

    These emotions can be compared to the leaven of bread. They transform the passive thoughts into active thoughts. This is why a thought well kneaded emotion works faster than another accompanied by cold reason.

    You are preparing to influence and control "the inner attention" your subconscious in order to convey the desire of money you want to see materialize. It is therefore crucial that you know how to approach him. You must speak her language, if not the subconscious will not hear your call. That he best understands is the language of
    the emotion or feeling.

    The highest positive and negative emotions

    Here is the list of 7 more strong emotions positive and, later, that of the 7 strongest negative emotions. Tap into the good emotions rather than in bad when you give your instructions to your subconscious mind.

    7 the most important positive emotions are:

    • desire;
  • the faith;
  • love;

  • sexuality;

  • enthusiasm;

  • tenderness;

  • the hope.

  • There are others but these are the most powerful and most creative. Master them (they can be only by)

    use) and other positive emotions will be at your command when you need them.

    Remember in this connection that you are studying a book that should help you develop "a willingness to money" by saturating your mind with positive emotions.

    7 the most important to avoid negative emotions are:

    • fear;
  • jealousy;
  • hatred;

  • the vengeance;

  • avarice;

  • superstition;

  • anger.

  • Positive emotions cannot occupy your mind with negative emotions. Make your choice. It does to you that positive emotions dominate your mind. MAKE IT A HABIT TO APPLY AND USE POSITIVE EMOTIONS. They took possession of your mind so that the negative will not access.

    It is only by following these instructions to the letter that you get to control your subconscious mind. The presence of a single negative thought into your subconscious mind is enough to destroy all the constructive changes that you have made in your subconscious.

    Prayer and the subconscious

    You may have noticed that most people resorted to prayer as a last resort. And for this reason, they pray in fear and doubt, 2 negative emotions which the

    subconscious grabs. These are therefore they that Intelligence
    Infinite receives and it is on them that it is.

    If you pray for something, while afraid to not be fulfilled, you pray in vain.

    Prayer can be answered. If you have experienced this joy, try to remember your state of mind at the time where you made it and understand that the theory that we are putting forward here is more than a theory.

    The process of communicating with the infinite Intelligence is very similar to the phenomenon of sound waves picked up by radio. You know that sound can communicate without having first transformed into waves that hearing can capture. The transmitting radio station picks the sound of the human voice and
    changes it by the amplifying millions of times. Accordingly, the intensity of the sound propagates in space. She is picked up by receivers that the move in waves and sounds.

    The subconscious is the intermediary who transcribed prayers in terms that the infinite Intelligence can recognize, presents the message and reported the response in the form of a specific plan and an idea from which was born the object of prayer. Here's why the phrases read in a book cannot and will never be able to be liaison between the human spirit and the infinite Intelligence officers.

    Until your prayer reaches the infinite Intelligence (the theory of the author), it is first transformed into spiritual wave. Only faith will give your thoughts of a spiritual nature. FAITH and fear cannot exist at the same time.

    CHAPTER 13

    Twelfth step to wealth:


    A few years ago while I was working with fire the doctor Alexander Graham Bell and Dr. Elmer R. Gates,
    I noticed that any human brain is both a receiving station
    and a radio station wave released by thought.

    By a system similar to that of the radio, the human brain is capable of capturing the waves emitted by other brains.

    Can draw a comparison between this image and the description of the creative imagination found in the chapter of the imagination. The creative imagination is the "receiver" of the brain that receives the thoughts issued by the brains of other beings. It is the liaison between the
    conscious or reason, of an individual and the 4 sources for which
    He draws the stimulants of thought.

    Stimulated or raised to a high level of vibration, the mind becomes more receptive to thinking from external sources. He was raised on the basis of positive or negative emotions. To contact them, the waves of thought are intensifying.

    As a conductive force and agent of intensity, sexual emotion is the most active of human emotions. Stimulated by sexual emotion, the brain operates at an accelerated pace immediately slows down when the emotion is warm or zero.

    Sexual transmutation intensifies the thoughts to a degree as the creative imagination becomes highly receptive to ideas.

    On the other hand, when the brain works with intensity, not only attracting ideas and thoughts issued by other brains, but it gives them an emotional

    essential that they are captured and manipulated by the subconscious.

    The subconscious is the "transmitting station" of the brain. Through it, the waves of thought are broadcast. The creative imagination is the "receiver". Through it, the power of thought is captured.

    Let us now consider autosuggestion which will operate your "radio".

    With the instructions that you were given in the chapter on optimistic autosuggestion, were you explained in detail the process of transformation of desire in its hardware equivalent.

    Comparatively, the operation of your "mental radio" is much simpler. Remember 3 laws and apply them when you want to use the subconscious, the creative imagination and the autosuggestion. You will apply these 3 laws through incentives that have described you.

    We headed by intangible forces

    Throughout the centuries, man has largely depended on its physical senses and has limited his knowledge to things
    what he could see, touch, weigh and measure.

    The most wonderful of all ages, we enter now an era that will teach us something intangible forces of our universe. Maybe will we learn that "the other" is more powerful even than the physical being reflected in the mirror.

    It happens that men speak with lightness of the intangible (the things they cannot perceive, with their 5 senses), and listening to them, we should remember that we are all controlled by invisible and intangible forces.

    Humanity is not powerful enough to withstand the intangible force of the waves of the ocean. It is even less controlling. The man is not able to understand the intangible force of gravity that keeps our small Earth suspended in space and prevents the men from falling. It is totally enslaved by the intangible force of a storm and it is powerful to the intangible force of electricity.

    It does not include intangible force (and intelligence) that contains the soil of the Earth: the force which gives each bite of food that it absorbs, every piece of clothing he wears, every franc which increases his pocket.

    Brain to brain communication

    The man does not understand much intangible force of thought, the greatest of all. He knows almost nothing of his brain and the complicated mechanism that turns the power of thought in its equivalent hardware, but it enters an age where the light will be shed on this subject.

    Men of science are interested in this extraordinary object is the brain and, although at the beginning of their study, they found that the distribution of the human brain, the number of lines that connect the brain cells to those of another body, is 1 followed by 15 million digits.

    "The number is so stunning, says Dr. C. Judson Herrick, of the University of Chicago, the astronomical figures that are of the order of hundreds of millions of years light are insignificant in comparison…" It was determined that there are 10 to 14 trillion nerve cells in the human cerebral cortex, and we know that they are arranged according to specific designs and not by chance.

    It is inconceivable that such a network exists only in the sole purpose to carry out physical functions, growth and maintenance of the body in perfect health. The same system, which provides a way to communicate with each other, the trillion brain cells we would he not communicate with other intangible forces?

    The New York Times devoted an editorial to a major University and a smart researcher who carefully studied the mental phenomena. The conclusions
    at which it arrived already are parallel to those that I describe
    in this chapter and the next. The article I quote briefly analysis work, Dr Rhine and his associates at Duke University.

    "What is telepathy?"

    A month ago, we quote in these pages some of the remarkable results obtained by Professor Rhine and his associates after more than 100,000 tests to determine the reality of telepathy and clairvoyance. These results have
    summer summaries in the first of the 2 articles in Harper's Magazine. In the second, the author E. H. Wright, tries to summarize what has been learned or what it seems reasonable to conclude on the exact nature of these modes of extrasensory perception.

    The reality of telepathy and clairvoyance can no longer be questioned now that one is aware of the results obtained by the experiences of Rhine. It asked several lights to 'read' without watching them or touch the cards to play a fake package. Twenty men and women in "read" properly so many "that there not a chance on several million that it was by pure coincidence." ”

    But how did? This power, assuming that it exists, seems to be sensory, or belong to a known body. The experience was also conclusive when it distanced subjects to several hundreds of kilometres of the deck of cards. What, according to Mr. Wright, will attempt to explain the telepathy or clairvoyance by a physical theory of radiation. Except for clairvoyance and telepathy, all forms of radiant energy decreases, inversely proportional to the square of the distance.

    Contrary to what is often believed, clairvoyance and telepathy only to increase not when asleep or half sleepy, well on the contrary! Rhine discovered that a narcotic always diminish the Faculty of the light while a stimulant it increased. Apparently, the best mediums will not do a good job as if it applies to sound better.

    One of the conclusions of Wright, and over which he has no doubt, is that telepathy and clairvoyance are only a single donation. In other words, the Faculty of 'seeing' a map which only you is shown that back is exactly the same as 'read' the thoughts of others.

    Several facts support this thesis. For example, 2 donations have always found those who accounted for only one. All 2 were the same power. Screen, wall, distance, nothing can make them barrier.

    Wright, from this statement, argues that it
    considered his most exciting, namely discovery other extrasensory experiences (prophetic dreams, premonitions, etc.) are derived from the same Faculty.

    The player is not obliged to accept these findings. It prevents the recognition of Rhine remains impressive.

    Of the spirits "granted" each other

    About the conditions in which the mind responds to Rhine called the modes of extrasensory perception, I have the honour to add my testimony to his declaring that my associates and myself have discovered what we believe to be the ideal conditions to stimulate the spirit of so that the sixth sense, described in the next chapter, can be exercised.

    These conditions require an alliance of labour between myself and my 2 associates. Through experience and practice, we discovered how to stimulate our minds (en
    using the "invisible advisers" described in the next chapter),
    so, by a process which equates to a single solution varied personal problems that had been submitted to me by my clients.

    The process is very simple. We sit around a round table, clearly establish the nature of the problem that we need to study, and then begin to discuss it. Everyone gives the ideas that come. The strangest in this method of emulation is that it puts each participant in communion with absolutely foreign to his own experience knowledge sources.

    This is the testimony the simplest and most convenient group of "master mind".

    By adopting and following a similar plan, one who studies this philosophy will enter in possession of the famous Carnegie formula, which is briefly described in the introduction. If it seems difficult to understand, bookmark this page and read it again when you have finished the last chapter.

    CHAPTER 14

    Thirteenth step to wealth:


    It is the sixth sense that the infinite Intelligence can communicate with the individual. This 13th stage of our research is a mountain. The principle which emerges cannot be assimilated, understood or applied, if it has not first mastered the other 12.

    The sixth sense is that part of the subconscious to which it gave the name of creative imagination. He was also appointed "receiver" of ideas, plans and thoughts that penetrate the spirit in the form of 'inspiration'.

    The sixth sense defies description. It can be explained to one who has not followed the development of the previous chapters. one cannot compare it to nothing. Understanding of the sixth sense comes only through meditation.

    When you control all of the principles included in this book, you will be prepared to accept a truth which, otherwise, you would be incredible: your sixth sense will warn you in time of imminent dangers, so you the
    avoid, and opportunities that may arise, so that you can grasp them.

    Developing your sixth sense, you will possess a guardian angel that you open when you want, the gate of the Temple of wisdom.

    The first cause

    The author does not believe in miracles and don't not make counsel. He pretty much knows Nature to know that she does never derogate from its laws. Because some of the laws are incomprehensible, we do not hesitate to describe as miracles their effects.

    The sixth sense is for me what comes closest of the miracle. There is a power or a first Cause or an Intelligence that bathes every particle of matter and penetrates each of the units of energy perceptible to humans. This infinite Intelligence transforms the acorns in oak, done down water from the mountains, follow the night of the day and the summer of winter. If we apply the principles that highlights this book, Intelligence is likely to help us to achieve our desires. The author knows for himself having the experience.

    Step by step, through the previous sections, you have brought to this last principle. If you've mastered all of them, you are ready to accept, without skepticism, revelations that are made here. If you are not yet familiar them, should made you, otherwise you will not know to determine if we you are talking about reality or fiction.

    At the age of the cult of the hero, I realized I was trying to emulate those whom I admired. Even more, I discovered that the faith that urged me to imitate my "great men" made me able to achieve.

    You can use the services of "invisible Advisor"

    The cult of the hero is a habit that I'm never defeated me. The experience has taught me that to try to outdo, one of my best ways is to imitate the "big" as perfectly as possible in their thoughts and in their acts.

    Long before writing a line or to have prepared a conference, I had the habit of remodel my own character on that of 9 men I admired most by their lives and their works.

    My 9 idols were: Emerson, Paine, Edison, Darwin, Lincoln, Burbank, Napoleon, Ford and Carnegie. Every night, for long years, I stood an imaginary Board with 9 men that I called my "invisible Advisor".

    Just before I fell asleep, I just closed my eyes and I saw in my imagination this group of men sitting around a table. Not only I had the chance to be in the middle of them, but I was their president!

    Leaving my imagination wander in these nocturnal meetings, I had the well plan to remodel my own character so that it reflect the qualities of all my "imaginary advisers". Reporting me very quickly that I would have to overcome the handicap of my birth in a world ignorant and superstitious, I deliberately choose to reborn by the method that I have just described.

    The time of autosuggestion

    I knew, of course, the dominant thoughts and desires to mark a man of their indelible mark. I knew that any deep-seated desire has the effect of forcing an individual to seek his outward expression, its realization. I knew that in the reconstruction of the character, autosuggestion is a powerful factor, it is only.

    Knowing all this, I had exactly weapons that needed me. In these "imaginary tips", I was addressing each in clear terms, asking him to give me the trait of character which interested me:

    "Mr. Burbank, I beg you to give me the knowledge that allowed you to reconcile the laws of Nature so well
    that you did lose its quills at the cactus and have made it
    edible, you did push the grass in the desert." Napoleon: "I would like borrow you your"
    extraordinary ability to stimulate men and push them to

    greater and more determined action. also borrow you the unshakeable faith that you lived and which allowed you to turn the defeat into victory and overcome huge obstacles."

    "Mr. Paine, I want to acquire freedom of thought, courage and clarity of the opinions that characterize you."

    "Mr. Darwin, I would have your wonderful patience and skill that you have shown in natural sciences in the impartial study of cause and effect."

    "Mr. Lincoln, I want to insert into my character your sense of righteousness, humor, your tireless patience, your humanity and your tolerance."

    "Mr. Carnegie, pass me the understanding of organized effort that you applied so effectively in a large industrial company."

    "Mr Ford, I desire to acquire perseverance, determination, balance and confidence in itself which allowed you to overcome poverty, and organize, unify and simplify the effort, to help others to follow in your footsteps."

    "Mr. Edison, I wished that you communicate me the wonderful faith that you made discover so many secrets of Nature, and the strength to persevere in the task at hand, school that you so often leads to victory after a failure."

    My imaginary "cabinet"

    My method of speech varied according to the trait of character that I wanted to acquire at this time there. With particular care, I was studying the life of my "collaborators". After a few months, I was amazed to see how these imaginary figures became real.

    I saw developing in these 9 men of manias. For example, Lincoln took the habit to be late; Finally, there were solemn and serious (I only saw never smile).

    It was not so for others. Burbank and Paine is allowed to spread spiritual who seemed occasionally shock the other "members" of the cabinet. Once, Burbank arrived late, all excited and he explained, enthusiast, had been delayed by an experiment which, if successful, would allow to grow apples on any tree. Paine laughed at him and reminded him that the
    discord between the man and the woman had erupted because of an Apple. Darwin laughs under cape suggesting to Paine to be wary of small snakes when he would go pick apples in the forest, because too often they turn wholesale reptiles… Emerson slipped: "No snake, not Apple!" And Napoleon to conclude: "Not Apple, not of State!"

    These meetings became so real that I interrupted them a few months, frightened by their possible consequences. I had fear of forgetting that they were a figment of my IMAGINATION.

    For the first time, I have the courage to talk about this experience. So far I en had never said anything because I knew not to be included in this little classic route. It is more of the same. I am less sensitive to the "what – they say".

    So there is no misunderstanding, I would like to stress here that I always consider my "firm advice" as purely imaginary, but I feel the right to say they led me on the glorious paths of adventure,
    that they have awakened in me an appreciation of the real
    greatness, encouraged the creative effort and emboldened the expression of honest thought.

    How to inspire the sixth sense

    Somewhere in the cell structure of the brain is placed a body which receives waves of thought popularly referred to as 'inspiration'. So far, science was unable to discover where is hiding exactly this sixth sense, which is also not very important. Fact remains that the human being receives an exact knowledge from a source that is not that of the 5 classical sense.

    It is only under the influence of an extraordinary incentive that the mind is receptive. Any unexpected event which causes emotions and makes the heart beat faster that usually awakens sixth sense. Anyone who, at the wheel of his car, narrowly avoided an accident knows that on these occasions the sixth sense comes to her rescue and prevents disaster in a few fractions of a second.

    During my meetings with my "invisible Advisor", my mind was far more receptive to the ideas, thoughts and knowledge that reached me by the sixth sense.

    Some very serious moments where my life was in danger, I was able, through the influence of my "invisible Advisor", pass through all the difficulties.

    My goal first, assuming these meetings, was only to burn in my subconscious mind by autosuggestion, some character traits that I wanted to acquire. In recent years, my experience is oriented in a different direction. Currently, I find my 'invisible advisers"whenever I have a difficult personal problem or which is submitted by a client. The result is often amazing, even though I do not fully rely on this form of Council.

    You have a new power

    The sixth sense can be removed and resume at will. The ability to use this great power comes little by little by applying the theories of this book.

    No matter who you are or the reason why you are reading, you can take advantage if you understand the principle which is surrounded by this chapter. This is especially true
    If your goal is to make a fortune or get other material compensation.

    This chapter on the sixth sense is deliberately included in a book of practical philosophy. Any individual can refer to and, whatever the aim which it pursues, make a guide.

    If the desire is the starting POINT of all achievement, upon arrival there is the sixth sense, this torch of knowledge that helps to understand oneself, understanding others, the laws of nature, which allows to understand and to recognize happiness. This understanding will be complete only when the individual will be familiar with the sixth sense and its use.

    Have you noticed that by reading this chapter, you you are raised to a high level of mental stimulation? Bravo! Re-read it in a month and you will see while the stimulus will be even stronger.

    Repeat the experience from time to time, without worry about the bit or everything you have learned so far – there, and you will soon find in possession of a power that will help you to ignore any discouragement, to master the fear, to overcome the hesitation and to freely run your imagination.

    You will then hit this 'something' of the unknown who was the inspiration of the great thinkers, leaders, artists, musicians, writers and statesmen. You can transform your desire to its equivalent hardware also

    easily as it once you give up the part to first fix.

    CHAPTER 15


    Make your own inventory and see if a form any fear is obstacle on the road that you traced.

    Before being able to put this philosophy into practice, you prepare your mind to receive. This preparation presents no difficulties. It begins with the study, analysis and understanding of 3 enemies must be out of your mind: the INDECISION, the doubt and fear.

    The sixth sense will not work until you will host one of these 3 enemies of a negative nature. They are closely related, when it finds one, the other 2 are not far away.

    INDECISION is the germ of fear! It is crystallized in doubt and all 2 flirting to cause fear. These 3 enemies are particularly dangerous because they germinate and grow without having it be aware of their presence.

    This chapter sheds light on a goal that must be achieved before the philosophy can be applied as a whole. It deals with a condition that has reduced many to poverty and established a truth that must be understood by all those who want to become rich either money or spiritually, what has even more value.

    Our intention is to draw the attention of the reader on the cause and cure of the 6 basic forms of fear. To defeat an enemy, he should know his name, his habits and his cottage. While reading, you carefully analyze and determine those 6 forms of fear that have chosen to live in you.

    Don't be mistaken on the habits of these cunning enemies. Often they remain hidden in the subconscious where it is difficult to track down them and even harder to flush out them.

    Fear is only a State of mind

    It is still one of the 6 fundamental forms of fear or their combination which makes suffer at one time or another human. They can feel happy, those who are not victims of these pests that we state in order of importance.

    There is fear:

    • poverty;
  • the critics;
  • of the disease;

  • losing his love;

  • old age;

  • of death.

  • The first 3 are the source of almost all the torments. The fears that have not been mentioned here are related in one way or another to these basic forms of fear.

    THE fear is a State of mind and a State of mind can control themselves and head.

    Man cannot create anything he has previously designed in the form of a thought. Here a finding still more important: man's thoughts immediately begin to turn into their physical EQUIVALENT, regardless of whether or not they are volunteers. The thoughts that arise accidentally (issued by other minds thoughts) can determine the financial, professional or social destiny

    someone as surely as would intentionally created thoughts.

    It is a very important fact. It is more for those who do not understand why some people always seem to "get lucky" then only themselves, just as capable and experienced, appear doomed to misfortune.

    You should know that everything being human being
    ABLE to fully control his mind and hence, open to the ideas of others as close access and not admit that thoughts of his choice.

    Nature has endowed man of absolute control over one thing, one: his mind. Add this to the fact that everything that man creates begins in the form of a thought, and you have the antidote of fear.

    While it is true that all mind tends to turn to its physical equivalent (and this is true no doubt), it is also clear that the thoughts of fear and poverty cannot be transformed neither courage nor wealth!


    There can be no compromise between poverty and wealth as their paths diverge. If you want to be rich, you must refuse any compromise that leads to poverty. (The word "wealth" is used here in its broadest sense, it includes financial, physical and spiritual aspects.)

    The starting point of wealth is the desire. In the chapter dealing in, you saw how to make it fruitful. In this chapter on fear, you will find instructions on how to prepare your mind for the practical use of the desire.

    The time has come to challenge you. Thus, you will know to what extent you have assimilated this philosophy. You can predict what the future holds. If, after

    having read this chapter, you choose poverty, you will also need to prepare your mind to receive. It is a decision that you can avoid taking.

    If you choose the wealth, you should determine the shape and value. One gave you a road map which, if you study it carefully, you will find the right road, that wealth.

    Do you take to you if you neglect to leave or if you stop along the way. You have no excuse if now you do not ask to life your share of wealth or if you refuse because, so she gives it to you,
    you need to only one thing (and by chance it is the only one you can manage!): A State of mind. A State of mind must be assumed. It cannot be bought, it must be created.

    Analyze the fear

    The fear of poverty is a State of mind, nothing more! But it is enough to destroy any chance of success in any company.

    Fear paralyzes the reason, destroys the imagination, kills self confidence, mine enthusiasm, discourages initiative, led to uncertainty and leads to hesitation. It erases all the charm of a personality, destroys any possibility of a just thought, diverts any concentration to the effort. It defeats the perseverance, annihilates the will, dismisses any ambition, obscures the memory and causes the failure. It kills love and assassinates the finest feelings, discourages
    friendship, attracts the disaster under hundreds of forms, leads to insomnia, misery and misfortune and all this in a world where flows all that the heart can desire without another barrier between these desires and ourselves that the absence of a specific purpose.

    The fear of poverty is undoubtedly the most destructive fears. It is also the most difficult to overcome. The fear of poverty comes from the innate tendency of man to his fellow economic prey. Almost all animals are driven by instinct, but limited their ability to think, their similar acts as their natural prey.

    Man with his superior sense of intuition, the ability to reason, do not eat the body of similar sound. He feels more desire to "destroy" financially. The man is so stingy that all laws were created to economically defend its similar.

    Humiliation and suffering poverty not trolling does not in its wake! Only include those who have made the experience.

    It is not surprising that human fear poverty. As a result of the extensive experience he has inherited, the man definitely learned could not rely on some people when it comes to money and worldly goods.

    The man is so hard to have wealth that he acquired by all means (legal if possible), or by other methods. Self analysis highlights the weaknesses that you do not want to admit. This review is essential if you want to require life something other than poverty and mediocrity.

    Remember, when you you examine point by point, that you are both the Court and the jury, Attorney and counsel, the complainant and the accused, and that it is a trial. Look at the facts in the face. Ask specific questions and respond without detours. If you feel not impartial, ask someone who knows you well to help you answer. Looking for the truth. It is necessary that you find, no matter what price, and even if this examination may be embarrassing!

    If you ask people what is the thing they fear the most, most respond that they are afraid of nothing. This is not exact, but there are few who realize that they are disabled spiritually and physically by a form of fear. The fear is so subtle and so deeply rooted that can endure throughout his life without being aware. Only a courageous analysis will reveal the presence of this universal enemy. When you undertake it, search your character well.

    The fear of poverty is recognized by 6 clues

    Here is a list of the symptoms that you should look for:

    1. INDIFFERENCE. It is commonly expressed by the lack of ambition, the acceptance of the
      poverty, physical and mental laziness, lack of initiative, imagination, enthusiasm and self-control.
  • INDECISION. Wont let others think for himself.
  • THE DOUBT. It is usually expressed as excuses to cover, explain or excuse the failures or by envy and the criticism of those who have passed.

  • BOREDOM. It is manifested by a tendency to look for the faults of others, to spend more than their income, to neglect his appearance, to sulk and renfrogner, and intemperance which generates the extreme nervousness, lack of balance and self-knowledge.

  • THE SIDE OF CAUTION. Only see the negative side of events. thinking about the possible failure and in talk instead of focusing on the way to succeed; know all the pathways that lead to the disaster without ever trying to avoid; wait for "timing" to implement ideas and plans and make this expectation a habit permanently.

  • Remember those that have failed and those who succeeded; don't see than the holes in Swiss cheese. being the pessimist that digests badly, badly eliminates, is auto-intoxique and offers the spectacle of a pitiful condition.

    1. THE ADJOURNMENT. Used to return the day after what should have been done the previous year. Spend as much time imagining an apology only to carry out the work. This symptom was also the abundance of caution, doubt, and sometimes trouble. Refuse to accept certain responsibilities. Prefer the compromise in combat, to accommodate the difficulties rather than defeat them. For a penny, haggle with life instead of him ask prosperity, opulence, wealth, joy and happiness. Develop plans of retirement for a failure, rather than cut the bridges behind you to make retirement impossible. EXPECT POVERTY INSTEAD OF REQUIRE WEALTH. To join the resigned instead to seek the company of those who apply for and receive the fortune.

    Money makes the difference

    Some readers may wonder why I wrote a book about money. Why did estimate the wealth in dollars?

    There are, it is true, other forms of wealth also desirable. Yes, there is a lot of wealth that cannot be measured in dollars, but there are also millions of people who claim that giving them the money they need, they will purchase the rest.

    I wrote this book about money to counter the fear of poverty that cripples millions of people. Westbrook Pegler aptly describes the effects of this fear.

    Money is just a metal disc or a piece of paper and there are the treasures of the heart and soul that he can buy; but most of the people who have been defeated are

    Unable to remember and to nurture their spirit of this truth. When a man is unable to find work, a change occurs in him, immediately betrayed by the collapse of his shoulders, his approach and his gaze.

    Among people who have a regular job, even though he knows that they are less intelligent and less capable than himself, he cannot escape the feeling of inferiority. These people, even his friends, feel superior to him and see him, perhaps unconsciously, as a victim. It will borrow, but not enough to live as before and it will not take very long.

    Borrow to live is a depressing experience and this viaticum is not the stimulating power of money. Of course, this finding applies to wrecks or tramps, but the men who respect themselves and are normally ambitious.

    An unemployed person is kilometres to meet a prospective employer. He learns that the place is already taken, that it is paid to the commission, work that he wears on the sale of trinkets that nobody wants, nobody buys if out of pity.

    He finds himself in the street, without purpose. He walks. He was stationed before the showcases where spread luxury objects that are no longer for him. When passers-by stop near him, he feels in condition of inferiority and departs.

    To relax, it goes to the station or in a library where he sits and warms. But it isn't and that he will find work. Suddenly, he appears and starts searching, aimlessly. He does not know but it isn't and that he will find what he is looking for. It is well dressed to be kept in good condition clothes of a time better but he cannot disguise his weariness.

    He sees thousands of employees of libraries, pharmacists, all occupied by their activities, independent and

    respectable, and he want. He was unable to persuade themselves that it is him as a brave man. So, he wondered, reasons and finally after hours of reflection, he reached a comforting conclusion: it is "just money" that makes the difference. With just a little money he will find his dignity.


    How the man came to fear the
    REVIEWS? Person could never discover it. Everything
    We know, it is that this fear is developed strongly in him.

    I am inclined to see in this basic fear hereditary inheritance that grows human not only to seize the property of others but, to justify, to criticize his fellow. It is well known that a thief will charge that it strips,
    politicians seek to prevail by demonstrating their own qualities, not by attacking the personality of
    their rivals.

    Clever clothing manufacturers have not been slow to exploit this fear of criticism. Every season, they changed the mode of many articles. Who decides? Certainly not the buyers, but although the manufacturer. And why is changing fashion so often? The answer obvious: to sell more to those who fear to be criticized as outmoded because.

    It is for the same reason that the automobile factories modify each year their models.

    We have seen how people conduct themselves for fear of criticism in the small things in life. Now observe their conduct in the important events that govern human relations. Take, for example, an individual who has attained the age of mental maturity (between 35 and 40 years on average). If you could read its

    thoughts secret, you'd know that he refuses all fables that he has had to admit in his youth.

    Why so most people, even in our days of freedom, do not dare admit that they no longer believe in the fables? Only because they are afraid to be criticized. Men and women were burnt alive for daring to deny the existence of ghosts. It is not surprising that we have inherited from this fear of criticism.

    It human take away any initiative, destroys his imagination, limits its individuality, removes it any self-confidence and decrease of 100 other ways. Fonts often one parents poorly irreparable to their children when they criticize them without reason. The mother of one of my childhood schoolmates had used to punish him by hitting him with a bantering, him repeating: "You fêteras your 20 years in the penitentiary!" At age 17, he was sent to a House of correction.

    The criticism is a form of service that there is a tendency to provide too. The closest relatives are those who have the most pointed language. Raise a child an inferiority complex by criticizing it without valid reason should be recognized as a crime (in fact this is an and the worst).

    Employers who understand the human nature get the best of their employees, not criticizing them, but making them constructive suggestions. Parents must follow the same example with their children. The review will give rise to fear or resentment. Never she sow love or affection.

    Symptoms that may detect the fear of being criticized

    This fear is almost as universal as the fear of poverty and its effects are also contrary to the success, because it destroys the initiative and discourages the use of the imagination.

    Its the most important indices are:

    1. THE LACK OF INSURANCE. Nervousness, shyness in conversation and in dealing with strangers, by left movements of the hands and legs.
  • THE LACK OF BALANCE. Inability to control his voice, the nervousness in the presence of third parties, a loosening of bodily attitudes, a failing memory.
  • THE LACK OF PERSONALITY. Inability to take firm decisions, lack of personal charm and ability to express definitive views. Circumvent the difficulties rather than confront them. Be always agree with others without taking the trouble to prepare his own opinions.

  • THE INFERIORITY COMPLEX. Used to welcome his words and his actions to hide his deep sense of inferiority. Use "big words" to impress others (most often without knowing the meaning); imitate others in their way of dressing, to express themselves, to stand. Bragging of imaginary success, which sometimes resembles a superiority complex.

  • THE EXTRAVAGANCE. The habit of wanting to "lead the Dupont lifestyle" have to spend much more than its income.

  • THE LACK OF INITIATIVE. Inability to seize opportunities that arise, the fear to express his opinions, the lack of confidence in his own ideas, evasive responses to questions posed by his superiors, lack of assurance in his behavior and his words, deceptions in words and in deeds.

  • THE LACK OF AMBITION. Mental and physical laziness the lukewarmness, slow to make decisions, be too easily influenced, the habit of criticizing others behind their back and flatter in front. Used to accept

  • the defeat without protest or abandon a company that others condemn. Suspect others without cause; the lack of tact in words and ways; refuse to recognize its errors.


    This fear can be hereditary or cultural origin. It is intimately associated with fear of aging and dying because it brings man "of terrible worlds" which he knows nothing but which are the subject of embarrassing stories. The opinion is widespread that some immoral people "selling health" leaving well perennial fear of disease.

    In general, the man feared disease because has portrayed it horrifically what would happen to him when he died. It is also concerned the because it threatens to cause large expenditures.

    A renowned physician estimated that 75% of the clientele of practitioners suffer from hypochondria (imaginary disease). It has also been shown that the fear of the disease often produces physical symptoms that we fear.

    Power of the human spirit! It built or destroyed it! Building on widespread weakness, the fear of disease, medication providers have made fortunes.
    This form of fraud became so important a few years back that a popular magazine led a campaign against some of its more guilty supporters.

    Through a series of experiments a few years ago, it was proved that people can fall ill by suggestion. Were sent in the "victim" at regular intervals 3 of its knowledge with mission to ask exactly the same question: "what do you have? Looks like you're sick?"

    The first questioner has attracted generally pronounced absently following response: "no, no, I'll very
    good!'; the second: "I do not know exactly but I don't feel good at all!". At the third questioner, the victim admitted frankly that she was very sick!

    If you do not believe in this experience, try it on one of your knowledge, but do not push the too far.

    It has been proven that often the disease begins in the form of negative thoughts created by the individual himself or come, by suggestion, other.

    A wise man once said: "When someone asks me how I carry myself, I always want to answer him in him throwing my fist in figure!"

    Doctors often advise their patients the air change because a change "of mental attitude" is necessary. Fear of the disease is like a seed that worries, fear, discouragement, disappointment in love or professional do germinate and grow.

    The disappointments in business and love preparing the fear of disease. After a disappointment in love, a young man had to be taken to hospital. For months, they alternated between life and death. It consulted a specialist in psychotherapy. Immediately, he placed at the bedside of the sick one lovely young woman who, from the first day (and following the doctor's orders), was very eager and love with
    his patient. In the space of 3 weeks, it was cured and out of the hospital, although suffering from any other diseases: it was love again and a few months later married his lovely nurse…

    Fear of the disease and its symptoms

    The symptoms of this universal fear are:

    1. AUTOSUGGESTION. Used to use autosuggestion in a negative way to look for and expect to have the symptoms of all kinds of diseases. "Have fun" with an imaginary illness in mind and talk about it as if it really existed. Try all the "stuff" and all "good wife" remedies recommended by others. Tell in detail operations, accidents, and all forms of disease. Dieting, gymnastics, cures for weight loss without medical supervision, trying medicines and quack cures.
  • HYPOCHONDRIA. Used to talk about disease, concentrate his mind, wait it occurs until a nervous breakdown. No bottle medicine can cure hypochondria. It is the effect of negative and positive thoughts only thoughts can y
    remedy. Hypochondria or imaginary disease is more harmful than the dreaded disease. Most cases of excessive nervousness are imaginary illness.

  • INDOLENCE. Fear of the disease prevents
    practice outdoor physical exercises and translates into an increase in weight.

  • THE SUSCEPTIBILITY. Fear of the disease breaks the natural resistance of the body and creates a favorable to all kinds of evils ground. It is related to the fear of poverty. This is the case of the hypochondriac who fears the Bill of hospital or medical fees. The people of this kind waste lot of time talking about death, to provide savings to pay for the cemetery, funeral costs, etc.

  • MANIA TO PAMPER THEMSELVES. The habit of wanting if attract sympathy by using as bait imaginary disease (people often use this ploy to not work). Used to simulate the disease to hide laziness or lack of ambition.

  • INTEMPERANCE. The habit to use alcohol or narcotics to Walnut suffering such as headache, neuralgia, etc., instead of eliminate the cause.

  • THE CONCERN. The habit of reading everything about the disease, fear of contracting, playback of commercials touting such proprietary.


    This innate fear is the result of a male tendency to polygamy. Human fly unscrupulous companion to his best friend or if he gets the chance, allow itself to
    familiarity in his regard. Jealousy and other forms
    similar to neurosis originate from land fear of losing the beloved. It is the most painful fear that probably makes the most havoc in body or in spirit.

    It probably has its origins in the stone age when the man suddenly coveted women captured. If the purposes are the same, the technique has changed. He persuaded,
    charm, promises toilet, a beautiful car and benefits otherwise effective than brutality. Since the dawn of civilization, human habits are the same. They expressed differently that is all.

    Careful study revealed that women, more than men, fear of losing the object of their love, which is easily explained. They have learned, often at their expense, that the nature of man is polygamous.

    Symptoms that reveal the fear of losing the loved

    1. JEALOUSY. The habit of suspect without reason friends and those we love. The usual, without cause, to acknowledge his wife or her husband of infidelity; suspect everyone and have confidence in person.
  • THE CRITICISM. Criticize his friends without reason, his parents, his business associates and those we love.
  • THE GAME. Play, steal, cheat to give money to those you love by believing that love is bought. Spend beyond its means or going into debt to make gifts to those we love to be in a favourable light. Insomnia, nervousness, lack of perseverance, the weakness of the will, lack of self-control, self-esteem, bad character.


    The fear of aging gives man 2 good reasons to understand the future: how to rely on a future that will strip it and how not to be haunt by the horrible evocation of the beyond?

    This form of fear is intensified by the risks of disease and disability. Eroticism is takes its place, person does not cherish the thought of sexual power decreased.

    The fear of old age joins poverty fear of losing independence, physical and economic freedom.

    The symptoms of fear of aging

    The most common symptoms are:

    1. The tendency to put his body and his mind "dormant" at the age of 40 years (age of maturity of the mind) and develop an inferiority complex is believing, wrongly, finished because of the age.
  • Used to talk about his age; to apologize for its
    40 or 50 years, instead of expressing his gratitude to have reached the age of wisdom and understanding.

  • Used to kill the initiative, imagination and self confidence believing wrongly to be too old to exercise.

  • The habit of dressing up in young, aged 40, by copying the clothes and ways of its cadets. This has to result to get ridiculous in the eyes of others and friends.


    For some, this basic fear is the cruelest of all. The terrible anxieties that gives the thought of death are, in most cases, responsible for religious fanaticism. Those that we call the "heathens" have less fear of death that we "civilized". For thousands
    years, men are posed questions to which they
    have not yet responded: "where do we come? "And where are going – we?"

    There was a time where astute individuals proposed to answer subject to currency.

    "Come in my tent, embraces my faith, accept my dogma and I'll present a ticket that you will open heaven immediately after your death", said a follower.

    "If you do not come, cried, the devil you depend and you will burn for all eternity."

    The thought of the eternal punishment removes any interest in life and makes all impossible happiness.

    With the help of biology, astronomy, geology and other sciences, ancestral fears dissipate.

    The world consists of 2 elements: the energy and matter. In elementary physics, we learn that neither one nor the other can be created or destroyed. One as the other can be transformed. Life is energy. So it can be destroyed. As other forms of energy, it

    will experience several phases of transition, change, but it cannot be destroyed. Death is therefore only a transition.

    In this case, after death cannot come only a long, a Lord, a peaceful rest and there is no reason to fear the rest. So, you can definitely scan your mind the spectre of death.

    Symptoms revealing the fear of death

    Who's afraid of death is used to think death instead of enjoying life. This habit is often a lack of purpose or an inability to find a suitable occupation. This habit is more prevalent among the elderly but young people
    also often suffer. The best remedy for fear of
    death is a burning desire to act and to help others. One who is busy is not the time to think about death.

    This fear is often associated with the fear of poverty. Fear poverty for oneself or for those we love while we will be more there to meet their needs.

    In other cases, the fear of death is associated with a disease or imbalance. Physical illness can lead to mental depression. Disappointment in love, poverty, religious fanaticism, the lack of occupation, madness may determine the fear of death.

    The concern is an insidious fear

    To make the concern is a State of mind which is fear. It works slowly but surely. It is insidious and subtle… Little by little, it "mine" to paralyze the reasoning, destroy self-confidence and initiative. The worry is a form of permanent fear motivated by indecision: so it's a State of mind that can be controlled.

    An indecisive spirit is of no help. Most people lack the will to make quick decisions and stick to them. However, it is as well as concerns soar.

    I interviewed a man hours before he sits in the electric chair. He was calmer 8 row of the cell, which prompted me to ask him how it feels when we know that we will die in very little time. With a confident smile, he replied: "we feel good; think about it, my troubles will end. I had that it in life. I always had so barely get enough to eat and dress me. I no longer have me concerned now and you would like that I don't feel well? Since I know I'm dying, I'm good to my destiny."

    Deliver you forever from the fear of death. Make the decision to accept it as an inevitable event. Deliver you from the fear of poverty, by deciding to obtain wealth; fear of criticism, by deciding to not worry about what people may think, say or do; fear of aging, in deciding to accept old age as a great carrier blessing of wisdom, mastery of self and understanding which are lacking in youth; fear of disease, deciding to forget its symptoms; of the fear of losing your love, by deciding to live without love, if necessary.

    Give up wont make you worry about everything and nothing; decide once and for all that nothing that can make life not worth the torment that is created.

    This decision will ensure balance, peace of mind and indirectly happiness.

    A man who has fear destroyed not only his own chances to act intelligently, but transmits these destructive waves to the brains of all who come in contact with him and thus destroys their chances.

    A dog or a horse feels when his master is anxious. It collects the fear waves emitted by the latter and acts accordingly.

    Destructive thoughts

    Waves of fear pass one spirit to the other as quickly and surely as the sound of the human voice changes from the transmitting station to the receiving station on your radio.

    Who expressed by the word negative or destructive thoughts can be sure to see these Kickback. Without even the aid of words, thoughts are enough to attract the bad shots of fate.

    First and this is very important, one that liberates destructive thoughts will suffer especially in his creative imagination which will be broken. Secondly, in the spirit, the presence of all destructive emotion develops a negative personality which, far from attracting humans, pushes and often makes them hostile. Thirdly, these thoughts
    negative become embedded in the subconscious and eventually be part of its character.

    Without doubt, is the purpose of your life to succeed. To do this, you must find the peace of mind, meet the essential material needs and especially towards happiness. All this evidence of success are born in the form of thoughts.

    You can control your own thoughts, feed her ideas you have selected. You have the privilege but also the responsibility to use it in a constructive purpose. You're the master of your earthly destiny as surely that you have the power to control your thoughts. You can directly or indirectly influence your environment, make your life what you want it to be. You neglect to exercise this privilege, obey your life and thus throw you in the vast sea of the 'circumstances' where you'll be tossed here and there as a chip on the waves of the ocean.

    The seventh wrong fundamental

    In addition to this basic fear which is expressed in 6 different ways, it is an evil which everyone suffers. It is a fertile ground where failure seeds germinate in
    abundance. It is so subtle that often it is not detected. It is more deeply rooted and more often fatal than the other 6. While waiting to find a better name, let's call it "susceptibility to negative influences".

    The men who made fortunes are always protected against this evil. The poor are never reached. Those who manage everything they do have had to learn to their spirit to resist evil. If you are studying this philosophy with the aim of making fortune, do you consider very carefully to determine whether or not you are susceptible to negative influences. If you neglect this self-analysis, you will not reach the object of your desire.

    After reading prepared questions, answer them briefly and sincerely. Do so as carefully as if you are looking to unmask an enemy that you set a trap, and treat your mistakes into tangible enemies.

    You can easily protect yourself by the highwaymen: the Act help you there, but this "seventh poorly fundamental" is more difficult to master because it strikes, whether you are asleep or awake, unless one has marked its presence. In addition, his weapon is intangible: it is a State of soul.
    It is dangerous because it hits in forms very different
    and for each experience is different. Sometimes, it comes into us by the well-intentioned words of a parent; other times, it comes from the inside, through a mental attitude that we own. It is still a deadly poison, although it does not cause a quick death.

    How to protect yourself against these negative influences?

    To protect you from negative influences created by yourself or from the negative activities of your entourage, remember that the power of your will is at your disposal. Do work until he is around you a protective wall against the bad influences of your own mind.

    Acknowledge that all human beings humans are inherently lazy, indifferent and liable to all the suggestions that flatter their weaknesses; you are inherently likely to the 6 basic forms of fear and you need to build habits that counter all these fears; that negative influences, although they are difficult to detect, often act on you through your subconscious mind. Do not open your mind people who depress you or that discourage you in one way or another.

    Get order in your medicine cabinet, discard tubes and vials and cease to be the Minister complacent your colds, headaches, pains and imaginary illnesses.

    Deliberately look for the company of people who push you to think and act by yourself.

    If you expect trouble, you'll.

    No doubt the most common weakness in humans is the habit that he has let his mind open to the negative influence of the other. This weakness makes the most harm, because most people do not know that they are the victim, and many of those who know neglect or refuse to correct it. She became eventually an integral part of their daily habits.

    To help those who wish to see themselves as they really are, we have prepared a list of questions. Read and answer them out loud to hear your own voice. This will help you be honest with yourself.


    You complain often "feel badly"? If Yes, what is the cause?

    You criticize others at the slightest provocation? Do you frequently errors in your work?
    If Yes, why?

    Are you sarcastic and aggressive in your conversation? Do you deliberately avoid association with a person
    any? If Yes, why?

    Do you suffer from indigestion? If Yes, what is the cause?

    Life feels futile and your future it seems you hopeless? If Yes, why?

    Do you like your job? If not, why?

    You craving you often on yourself? If Yes, why?

    Do you envy those who are more successful than you?

    What do you think the most: success or failure? Older, you increase your self-confidence
    or lose you?

    You learned a valuable lesson from your mistakes? Let yourself be a relative or acquaintance you
    torment? If Yes, why?

    Are you sometimes "at the peak of excitement" and at other times in the deepest reduction?

    Who has the most influence on you? What is the cause?

    Tolerate you influences negative or discouraging you could avoid?

    Neglect your physical appearance? If Yes, when and why?

    Have you learned to "drown your troubles" in a job that you absorb too much to let you the time to think?

    Believe that you are a "low" If you let others think in your place?

    Neglect you bath internal until the auto-intoxication you of bad character and irritable?

    How many do you have sources of trouble that you could avoid and why tolerate them you?

    Do you use alcohol, narcotics or tobacco to "calm your nerves"? If Yes, why don't you try the power of the will?

    Someone harassing you it? If Yes, for what reason? Do you have a specific purpose? If Yes, what is it and what
    is the plan that you developed to achieve it?

    Do you suffer from one of the 6 fundamental forms of fear? If so, where or which?

    Do you have a method to protect you from the negative influences of others?

    Do you deliberately use autosuggestion to make your positive spirit?

    That is what has for you the most prizes: your material possessions or the power to control your thoughts?

    Are you easily influenced by others at the expense of your own judgment?

    Today she added something worthwhile to your knowledge or your state of mind?

    Battle you face the circumstances that make you unhappy or in you flee responsibility?

    Are you monitoring your mistakes, failures that you have suffered and are you trying to learn a profitable lesson or do you think that this is useless?

    Can you name 3 weaknesses that make you the most harm? What do you do to overcome them?

    Do you encourage others to tell you their troubles? You choose in your daily experience the
    lessons or influences that would help your progress

    Your presence has one negative influence on others?

    What are the habits that bother you the most in others?

    Develop your opinions or let others influence you?

    Have you learned how to create a State of mind that protects you against the depressing influences?

    Your occupation you inspire faith and hope?

    Are you aware of possessing spiritual forces with power enough to keep your mind of any form of fear?

    Your religion helps you to keep a positive mindset?

    Do you think it is your duty to share the concerns of others? If Yes, why?

    If you think that "like attracts like", what have you learned about yourself by studying the friends you have chosen?

    You see a relationship, and what is it, between the people with whom you are most related and a woe any that happened to you?

    Do you think it possible that a person you
    consider your friend is actually your worst enemy by the negative impact it has on your mind?

    According to what criteria do you judge what is useful and what is not?

    Are your partners intellectually higher or lower than you?

    In 24 hours, what is the proportion of time you spend:

    a. your occupation b. your sleep
    (c). your recreation and relaxation moments d. the study of useful knowledge
    (e). do nothing at all
    Who among your acquaintances:

    a. encourage you the most

    (b). you committed more than prudence c. You discourages the more
    What is your biggest concern? Why do you accept it?

    When you are given a selfless and unsolicited opinion, do you accept it without question, without seeking the reasons that gave rise to it?

    That is what you want most in the world? Do you intend to acquire it?

    You decided to make all your other wishes on that one? How much time per day spent in its acquisition?

    Change you opinion often? If Yes, why? Usually, you define everything you have
    get started?

    You let you easily impress by titles, by professional rank, diplomas or other resources?

    Are you easily influenced by what others think and say about you?

    Are you interested to people because of their social or financial position?

    What is in your opinion the biggest character living of our time? In what sense is this person more than you?

    How long have you placed to examine these issues and respond to? (Need you at least a day to analyze and answer all these questions)

    If you have responded sincerely, you know better that most people don't know. Carefully review your answers, for several months, review them once a week and you will be amazed of the valuable knowledge gained by this simple method. If you are unsure on some answers to give, seek advice from those who know you well, specially to those who have no reason to flatter you, and see you through their
    eyes. The experience is amazing.

    The difference that can be seen with the mind control

    You have absolute control over your thoughts. This aspect of human reflects his divine nature. This prerogative is your only means of control over destiny. If you are unable to control your own mind, you can be sure that you will never arrive to master anything. If you neglect what belongs to you, it is better that it is tangible. Your mind is your spiritual good! Protect it and use it with any care that requires its divine origin and you'll have a powerful desire.

    Unfortunately, there is no legal protection against those who intentionally or out of ignorance, are poisoning the minds of others by negative suggestions. This form of destruction should be punishable by heavy penalties, because it can ruin, and often does, the chances that has every man to acquire material goods.

    People of negative mind tried to persuade Thomas A. Edison that it was impossible to produce a clean machine to record the human voice and to reproduce it, "because nobody there has still never thought", said. Edison did not believe them. He knew that his mind could cause any object designed by him and which he would believe. This knowledge enabled him to rise above ordinary mortals.

    People at the negative spirit foretold to F. W. Woolworth that he would go to ruin if he opened a 'cheap' store. He did not believe them. As he had the right, he closed his mind to the negative suggestions and amassed a fortune over $ 100 million.

    Skeptics laughed when Henry Ford tried in the streets of Detroit the first automobile, built quite summarily. Some said that this thing does
    became ever practical, others, that this invention was not worth a penny. But Ford said: "I INONDERAI the land of AUTOMOBILES" and he kept speaking. His decision to trust his own judgment has already piled up a fortune far greater than the next five generations of his descendents can squander.

    For those wishing to make a fortune, I would remind the difference to remember between Ford and most of the people who worked for him: FORD had a brain and the controlled, others had a brain but did not try to control.

    Mind control is the result of self-discipline and habit. You control your mind or it is your spirit that control you. There are no medium-term. Make it a habit to occupy it for a specific purpose, according to a set plan.
    Study the life of a man who has got great success. You will see that it does not otherwise. Without this control, the success is impossible.

    Many people resorted to excuses

    People who fail have a common feature: they know the reasons for their failures, believe and explain by excusing them conclusively.

    Some of these excuses are intelligent, but very few are justified by the circumstances. The excuses have never made money and the world interested in success.

    Here is a list of the most commonly used excuses. Make your personal review and determine those that you have custom to use. Remember philosophy that developed this book to cripple all.

    If I had no wife and children… If I had more courage…
    If I had money…

    If I had a good education… If I could find work… If I had health…

    If only I had the time… If times were better… If the other included me…
    If the circumstances were different… If I could relive my life…
    If I had no fear of the 'that will tell you"… If I had been given my chance…
    If I had the chance…

    If others had not a "grudge against me"… If nothing me stopped…
    If I was younger…

    If I could do what I want… If I was born rich…
    If I could meet "the people that I had"… If I had the talent that some have…
    If I dared put me forward…

    If only I had known opportunities past… If people do wild me as much…
    If I could not keep the House and take care of children…

    If I could put money aside…

    If my boss could only appreciate me… At least I had someone to help me…
    If my family understand me…

    If I lived in a big city…

    If you could help me get started… If only I was free…
    If I had the personality of such a…

    If I were not so big…

    If my talent was recognized…

    If I could have a moment of rest… If I could set my debts…
    If I had not failed…

    If only I knew how…

    If everyone was not against me… If I didn't have so many worries…
    If I could marry the person needed me… If people were not so stupid…
    If my family were not so extravagant… If I was sure of me…
    If the chance were not against me…

    If I wasn't born under a bad star…

    If it was not true that "what should be"… If I didn't have to work so hard…
    If I had not lost all my money… If I lived in another medium…
    If I didn't have to 'pass'…

    If only I had a case to me…

    If others wanted only to listen to me…

    IF… and it is the largest of all, if I had the courage to see me as I really am, I would find what's wrong in me, and I remédierais. I would then have a chance to take advantage of my mistakes and learning from the experiences of others. I would now like to be there where I would have been if I had spent more time to analyze my weaknesses and less time to find them an apology.

    Fatal to the success habit

    Justify a failure by an apology is a national pastime. This habit, as old as the human race,
    is fatal to the success. Why people cling-
    they their apology? Because they created. The excuse of a man is the child of his imagination. Defending her offspring is human.

    Imagine an apology is a strongly rooted habit. Habits are hard to break, especially when they want to justify the actions. Plato is thought when he said: "the first and the most beautiful victory of man is the conquest of oneself. Be conquered by his being is the most shameful and disgusting thing."

    Another philosopher said: "I was very surprised when I discovered that most of the eyesores I saw in others were only a reflection of my own nature."

    "Some people remain for me puzzles," said Elbert Hubbard, "are those who are mistaken devoting much time to the development of their excuses. They would devote this time to overcome their weaknesses that they no longer need an apology."

    Before concluding, I would like to remind you that if life is a stage, the player that makes you face is time. If you hesitate before acting, or if you fail to act promptly, your parts will be swept away by time. You play against an opponent who will tolerate no indecision. Until now, you had, perhaps, a good excuse not to compel the living to give you what you ask him, but your excuse is more worthless because you have now sesame's wealth.

    This sesame is intangible but all-powerful. It is the power to create in your mind, stimulated by an ARDENT desire, a definite form of wealth. If you use this key, no sanctions will be taken against you. If you don't

    not in use, you may have to pay. If you are using a great reward awaits you: it is the satisfaction felt by all those who mastered and that forcing life to give them what they ask him.

    The reward is well worth an effort on your part. Try – the. You will be quickly convinced.

    "If we have points in common, said the immortal
    Emerson, we will meet."

    Can I borrow this thought and say: "If we have points in common, we met through these pages."


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